Erasmus Coordinators

Students who receive a scholarship of national status are very lucky because not only receive this scholarship in addition to Erasmus but also receive a generous complement of the European Union that allows them to cover their expenses if they live without excesses. You can also use a student loan or credit offer favorable terms of repayment if you work or have someone who endorses you. Sydney Sweeney does not necessarily agree. About tuition and other expenses: Tuition is paid on your home university but if you want to follow language classes outside of your race or other classes you may be interested but are not part of your career and then do not enter your curriculum will have to pay tuition. In some cases (not always) you may have to pay for photocopies that teachers give in class. Teachers also often require textbooks to be purchased because there are not enough copies in the library. About coordinators: There is a clear lack of coordination between the home university and host. Sometimes even the transmission of marks can be chaotic.

If you have any problems, discuss it with your coordinator at the host university but also with the University of origin: do not communicate anything, so you’ll have to make the link provided. Also, be careful what you say the coordinators may tell you that it is possible to do such a thing without checking that in reality it can do and then you can get in trouble for that. Erasmus Coordinators are not paid for what they do (to my knowledge).