Fancy Nails

Self-adhesive Nail Polish films with witty and sometimes shrill designs are the trend of the stars and starlets. Are simply glued over the own nail and create so fashionable highlights of Oestrich-Winkel, Germany, September 2009 fancy nails of LCN are self-adhesive Nail Polish films in four variants. Fancy nails cool squares is a combination of green and blue rectangles. Fancy nails zebra conjures up black and white stripes on the nails. Fancy nails hot squares features bright pink and pink. Fancy nails retro flair reminiscent of a strong Orange and red as the 60s.

LCN fancy nails are placed on the prepared, defatted nail. The rounded end is applied it with a small distance to the cuticles. Should the film not directly properly, they can be simply removed and applied again. The desired position is found, LCN fancy nails be removed smoothly. Excess be filed gently with the enclosed file. In addition, the Strip with a top coat can be sealed..