Features Breastfeeding

Woman becomes pregnant, bears a child, gives birth and nurses her breast. Mother, who breast-feeds, makes for her child that no one else can do. Only breast-feeding of the child to feel the knock permits mother's heart, her breathing, smell, gentle hug and protection. So gradually comes true love, life values are formed, born talents. Very nature has breastfeeding as an art as a continuation of genus as the basis of health, and provided an opportunity for a woman filled with a sense of his appointment on the ground. All worth of riches before tummy next world mom and chest au lait for a little Karapuzikov? Discover answer, you can right now … Breast-feeding of the mother is able to return the body proportions of those who were before birth.

Often, when an early termination of breastfeeding women fattening. The hormone prolactin, which is released in lactation, prevents the development of cellulite. This is due to emerging imbalances – nature did not provide for a rapid cessation of lactation. And since today, rarely breast-feeds children the impression that most feeding leads to excessive weight. So let me, by virtue of his experience to give you advice as to enable you to keep the shape after the birth and to feed the child.

Wear comfortable lower whiteness. No need to raise breast bra too. Invest tissue in the bra to her nipples were dry. Practice the massage and shower, as well as lubricate the nipples with vitamin E. Each morning, inspect the chest, Check whether stimuli and often try to feed your baby.