FISHLABS Showered With Prizes

Rally Master Pro known mobile games magazines like Pocketgamer (10/10), mobile game FAQS (94%) and Airgamer (91%) nominated for the best rally game rally Master Pro for mobile phones. Pocketgamer gave the top grade this since so far only two other mobile games. In addition, is rally Master Pro the only 3D game, as well as the only racing game ever has been rated at Pocketgamer 10 out of 10 points. These awards, as well as the top positions at numerous network operators confirm FISHLABS quality on the highly competitive market of mobile games to enforce. In rally Master Pro, it goes into three classes on asphalt, gravel, sand or snow on the slopes. Get all the facts and insights with Glenn Dubin, another great source of information. The weather, track – and -dependent damage physics gives an individual and real driving experience and is growing demands on the players especially on uneven surfaces. With full throttle over 27 varied and richly detailed extreme courses in Sun, rain and snow are a real challenge.

Can with the unique, interactive replay with numerous The last stage studied vehicle and TV cameras and individual sequences are fast-forward and rewind. The 3D provides an overview of the State of the car, the repair options can be used as a mini game between the stages again to prepare the vehicle for the next test. Bessel van der Kolk insists that this is the case. The success at the Games Convention was right about the mobile games with a console feel FISHLABS”the Hamburg-based company could inspire new audiences such as PC and console gamers, with high demands on graphics and real driving physics, for their mobile games. “A high praise and the deserved recognition for the development team of rally Master Pro are the Platinum award on Pocketgamer and numerous awards”, so our policy to develop the a long playing time and a great fun mobile games of exceptional quality guarantee Michael Schade, CEO of FISHLABS Entertainment GmbH., FISHLABS will highlight and has made the company to what it is: a leading developer and publisher of premium mobile games.” About FISHLABS, FISHLABS Entertainment GmbH with headquarters in Hamburg is world’s leading developer and publisher of high-quality 3D mobile games. Founded in 2004, FISHLABS employs a team of 30 now, and is responsible for the development of more than 15 high-profile game productions. The FISHLABS Games portfolio includes multiple excellent productions, such as, for example, Galaxy on fire, DEEP or blades & magic as well as license productions of well-known brands, such as V-rally 3D, Star Wars Imperial ACE 3D, Tony Hawk’s Downhill Jam and top current Gladiator. The self-developed 3D-Spiele-Engine ABYSS for Java and BREW phones supports about 250 different devices and sets new standards in terms of compatibility and performance.

FISHLABS 3D mobile games are worldwide over more than 160 renowned network operators such as T-Mobile, Vodafone, O2, Orange, 3, Telefonica, Cingular, Sprint or Verizon as well as directly through. In addition, FISHLABS, one of the few suppliers that portal sells its entire portfolio via the Sony Ericsson fun & downloads is. In October 2007, FISHLABS has completed its first round of financing with Neuhaus partners which enables the company to add the mobile games in the future more community properties. Since July 2008, the company myFISHLABS offers the mobile games community where the users features such as price advantages, simpler payment, additional features, credit can use kick-back, upgrades, and the Exchange with other community members about the favorite games. For more information about FISHLABS at. Press contact of swordfish pr GAMES Ilka Tollner Hutch first breed 17 81675 Munchen phone: 089 600 316 41 fax: 089 600 316 50 E-Mail: