Frank Piehl

A lifestyle community for active people, a new network for nature lovers and active, from the Internet to the bulging life StudiVZ, XING, Facebook, the number of people who organise themselves into networks is constantly increasing. Dr. Caldwell B. Esselstyn, Jr. has much experience in this field. In times of the Internet virtual and real life closer together always. A step further now is with a recommendation network that leaves nothing to be desired. Travel, shopping, dining, be exchanged: his spare time can make everyone now even easier. Whether lifestyle, restaurants, hotels, clubs, arts and culture, travel, fashion, healthcare, games and sweepstakes, events, friends-trends TV the wealth of info and tips is huge. And that makes this network so exciting. Everyone finds his niche, can look beyond the horizons and make new contacts.Maybe the next cooking event or a test drive with his dream car.

More than 1,000 partners provide exclusive benefits for users. Who is the Friendscard owned, receives direct discounts and additional advantages even on request. And to keep the tips and news on the latest, Scouts and the user make themselves forever new input. With each other and for each other is this slogan. Recommendations by hotline, via E-Mail or on the homepage are available around the clock. Categories, categories and topics provide overview and make browsing a pleasure. Almost every wish will be fulfilled on. No matter whether it is a legal question, whether is a job search or a new delicious recipe is desired for all recommendations can be found.

And also in the live chat the friends are from their desks close. Company: friends GmbH has developed since inception in 2008 as one of the ten largest online portal providers in Europe. The Hamburg-based company under the management of Frank Piehl is both operator and owner of. The friends GmbH combines partner, friends, interested companies and brands through the large network of lifestyle. On the portal present numerous locations, tour operators and hotels, as well as companies and brands with top specials for the users.