Free Antivirus

All persons we use Windows in any of its versions need a good antivirus, but what do we do if we don’t want to spend money on this type of program? The generic are the solution. There are currently many of these free programs, we will see the main. Avast! Free antivirus 6.0.1: stands out as the most complete free antivirus. It acts in real-time just as do other programs such as Norton Internet Security. It offers us a very useful tool called SandBox to run suspicious programs.

With only registering to us we can enjoy it. AVG antivirus Free 2011: the main attraction of this antivirus is that it includes Link Scanner, utility that will be very helpful to analyze online a file before you download it to our computer. As a negative note say that despite its pleasant graphic interface resource consumption is very lift up and sometimes it much slowdown its activities. Microsoft Security Essentials: Interface easy and intuitive, graphical low memory consumption and its integration with the firewall’s Windows are some of his virtues but despite this and its high rate of detection of infections cannot disinfect files and deletes only those, there are 2 versions: for 32 and 64 bit. Avira Antivir Personal: As in almost all the free antivirus memory usage is very low, has some customizable options, such as the frequency with which it is updated. Perhaps not the most complete option since it gives some false positives and its interface seems a little old. Panda Cloud Antivirus: Antivirus doesn’t need updates, spends very little memory and allows filtering of site so suspicious as the analysis in real-time.

However it gives many false positives and is quite simple. As you can see the offer it is wide, these are just 5 of them but which have the best features. You have no excuse to not have an antivirus installed, choose yours.