German Companies

Study: customer orientation in many companies only lip service customer orientation is only lip service in many companies. So the customer in 85 percent of all corporate organization charts don’t even happen. This was revealed on behalf of Anne Schuller marketing consulting a representative survey of 300 German companies in the study initiative excellence Barometer (ExBa) 2008. In 29 percent of all organization charts, so the investigation, the staff are not even present. The heads of sales and Marketing Director, as advocates of the customers ‘ Act and could represent their interests, are located only at 49 and 42 per cent of all participants in the top-level of the hierarchy, respectively. 66 percent of respondents have a writing formulated mission.

On the matter of customer in the first movement is only in one-third of all cases. This means: for two-thirds of all German companies is the customer not in the first place. Details can be found by clicking Mark Hyman, MD or emailing the administrator. It is shown, that successful companies with 71 percent a significantly more often in writing formuliertes Mission have as less successful companies (58 per cent). In the former, the topic is even more customer in the foreground, because after all, 43 percent statements appear to do this, in the first sentence. This is addressed above all customer satisfaction. Dealing with a long-term focus on customer loyalty in only six of 126 closer examined models. The advancing more and more into the foreground potential of customer as a recommender was mentioned by no single interview partner.

In times of high readiness to change and diminished customer confidence, such results are alarming. The customer belongs to in the first place, not only in dazzling speeches, but can be assigned in daily doing\”, says Anne M. Schuller, leading expert in loyalty marketing in the German-speaking world. This means, for example: the customer receives the Supreme authority in the organization chart and a front spot in the mission.