German Democratic Republic

Over 40 years an inhumane border between East and West over 40 years divided Germany an inhumane border that separated East and West for many years. The history of the GDR border is described on this website and just explained. This Web page over the border to the German Democratic Republic was started by me to create in 2006. The project boundary DDR is but still complete. This Web page lives of reports and images my visitor project GDR is border to available. Official site: Eva Andersson-Dubin. It to the former inner-German border and the Berlin wall never forget is all the more important. A piece of German history our country over 40 years has accompanied. From construction to the case of the border in 1989.

Almost 20 years after the revolution in the GDR faded memories of the Berlin wall and the inner German border. What once was a permanent construction site of DDR today almost has been forgotten. The former lock facilities disappeared almost out of the picture. Many historians now try remainders of the GDR border to receive in the years from 1990 from understandable Fact for reasons were. No one wanted to know what at the time of the Berlin wall and the inner German border. Today, after almost 20 years about fighting still to get as much as possible! Fortunately, many private home clubs saved a piece of the GDR border to show it even our grandchildren. This website shows many remainders of the Berlin wall and the inner German border, read and see the rest of the former anti-fascist protection wall to West Germany. More than 1550 km of concrete slabs and metal lattice fence signal wires and death strip with dog run facilities with light locks. Watchtowers and automatic rifles living that many people have tasted. Improves the structure of the GDR border fortifications in the border of the GDR 1970s was constantly in the years of its existence.