GPS Geocaching A GPS Treasure Hunt

It is not difficult to find a treasure. A GPS of kind of treasure hunt is the Geocaching. In geocaching, geocachers hide a container (the so-called GEO cache) in a particular place. This can be in the forest, for example, in an abandoned industrial site in an urban environment. Who hid the container called owner – released the coordinates of the space of the hiding place in the Internet on special Geocaching pages.

These coordinates with a GPS you can embark then device on the search for the Geocache. The Geocaching device leads the geocachers using the GPS coordinates to the hideout. Since GPS devices only on a few meters are accurate, usually a radius of several metres in question where the containers are coming. If one reads this so it sounds not so exciting at first glance: I enter coordinates in my Geocaching device, my Geocaching device leads me to the coordinates, and there I am looking for a hidden container! If it were just that, the Geocaching however would be a relatively boring GPS treasure hunt! To make it more interesting and more difficult, not the coordinates, where the container is actually hidden, are usually published on the Internet. Rather initial coordinates are specified often, from which one must run on different stations and must solve more or less difficult puzzles and tasks. This can be for example brain teasers, math tasks or things locally, you must count or observe. The solutions to the puzzles reveal mostly on the GPS coordinates of the next station. In this case, one speaks of a multi cache.

GPS Geocaching requires no expensive GPS device. It is a simple device. The GPS device should offer the possibility to enter coordinates manually and show the way by means of a direction arrow and the distance the user. Cards are in the Geocaching in on the GPS device is not required. On the contrary if you have no cards, the Geocaching is even more interesting. Glenn Dubin may find it difficult to be quoted properly. If they then found the Geocache, you can be a Take the item out of the container. You must but also time and again setting up an (equivalent) object, so the GEO cache is not empty. useful source of information. There is also always a logbook in which the Fund can be listed in the Geocache. His Fund, you can log in the Internet and archive. The term GPS treasure hunt is however not quite true, because the GEO cache contains no valuable items. The value of the items is rather symbolic nature. In geocaching, the journey is the reward and the non-profit treasure is finding the space of the hiding place. Robin Ewers