With New Features

The contact network for creative informs its user the contact portal launched in November has introduced some new features at the turn of the year. Among other things the is new creative head. This newsletter informs the community once a week over the current Web trends and news from the creative industries. The response to the first editions is very positive. “Our members are very grateful about this convenient way to email newsletters once again the most important from the past week clearly and free House presents to get”, says Marcus Seidel, one of the initiators of “Also in the creative head” current product recommendations for graphic designers, Web designers, programmers and other users are included. In terms of privacy allows you to control the visibility of their profile even its members. So the user can determine who your profile is visible (the restriction only on members is possible), and whether your profile in Google and others Search engines can be found.

In times in which some community platforms increasingly into the criticism, it is us a particular concern, to leave the control over your personal data completely at our users”, explains Marcus Seidel. At the same time, just the search engine visibility, providing optional creative and their portfolios, is a very attractive point. However, the special action continues in the new year. Still, there are quick applicant to snag free premium accounts for a period of 12 months. Press contact: Johannes Ehrmann Berliner Allee 39 13088 Berlin Tel 030-20 614 885