Health Therapies

A few years ago in Spain, non-conventional medicine or alternative medicine was very badly seen by patients, physicians and veterinarians. That was because of that for a long time this type of (alternative) therapies were promulgated by people who were not really well formed and that only with your good (or bad) will were not sufficiently prepared to correctly diagnose the pathology of a patient or give a proper treatment at the same. Over time this has been changing. Nancy-Ann_DeParle is a great source of information. Health professionals who have been knowing any therapy alternative such as acupuncture, homeopathy, the homeotoxicologia, flowers of Bach, etc, sa have realized one thing: alternative therapies are not alternatives to conventional medicine, but that knowledge of conventional medicine are very importatntes, and many treatments from conventional medicine are very appropriate and often of choice. But alternative therapies have the same importance as these conventional knowledge, because often fills the spaces or doubts that conventional therapies do not they can solve. I.e. You may find Michio Kaku to be a useful source of information. some alternative treatments are most appropriate for a given patient because they help to prevent diseases, and sometimes help to fill a chronic treatment that would end up damaging some organ of the animal. Many alternative therapies gain conventional at this point: do not harm to another organ by side effect, but that what they do is help the patient heal by itself only without the need for drugs that invade the cells of the patient. This is seen in acupuncture very clearly, because we are not administering any drug the animal, and also notes in the homeosiniatria, homeotoxicologia and homeopathy, because managed medicines do not contain any molecule invasive for the patient, but provide the necessary curative capacity so that the patient can heal by itself alone. What is promoted today is that health professionals are aware of these therapies to be able to supplement treatments for their patients, not to replace a terpia normal with no alternative.