Heart Diabetes

This study used a boarding of bibliography revision of qualitative boarding. Endorsed in Pear tree (in HART and BERVIAN, 1996, 49) ‘ ‘ the bibliographical research search to explain a problem from published theoretical referenciais in documents. (…) it searchs to know and to analyze existing the cultural or scientific contributions on one determined subject or problema’ ‘. 4 – FINAL CONSIDERAES This study searched to display and to describe the importance of: prevention of complications caused for the Diabetes Mellitus type 2. To the end of this, it was possible to reflect that innumerable functions really exist that the nurse can play. However, such study it came to point the necessity to rescue the insertion of the Nurse in this scene, as an important being and that it needs being enclosed in this context. The Nurse possesss a basic paper in the primary assistance. Its action and cares must be based on the law of the professional exercise that regulates the accomplishment of adequate behaviors and to have for base the ability technique and the knowledge and of the possible complications, being these essentials for the development of the care with security.

It was possible to prove by means of the study of bibliographical revision that exists innumerable behaviors of the Nurse front to the Diabetes. With recital and ability, this professional must identify the possible ones characteristics of this complication and the risks that can generate for the patient. In relation to the general objective, it is considered that the same it was reached, in the measure where the steps of the prevention of complications had been enumerated all, in which the same he was only seen as a potential complication. From this study we prove that the Nurse has much to contribute in the assistance, in the reduction of the morbidade and mortality caused by the Diabetes Mellitus type 2. The study it strengthens the necessity of practical of education in health for the carriers of the Diabetes Mellitus type 2, therefore it considers that the promotion of the health if of the one for the autocuidado one, for the mutual aid, the conditions of the social, economic and cultural ways. 5 – BIBLIOGRAPHICAL REFERENCES: BRAZIL, Health department.

Manual of Hipertenso Arterial and Diabetes Mellitus. Secretariats of health politics. Department of strategical programmatical actions. Plan of reorganization of the attention the Hipertenso Arterial and Diabetes Mellitus, Brasilia, 2002. BRAZIL, Ministry of greets. National foundation of greets. Available in: had access 16/06/2007 – had access in.