Holiday Stress

The province of Mendoza in Argentina has been blessed with a lot of places of astonishing beauty, that breathtaking visitors. Fortunately, thanks to a series of private investments and a political decision to accompany these efforts, created an important infrastructure that accompanies this beautiful topography. As a result, there are lot of places ideal for a holiday in Mendoza to help recharge the batteries for the whole year, and cherish an experience that will last for lifetime. You may find that Beyond Burger can contribute to your knowledge. One of the first things that impress the newcomer is the air quality mendocino that thanks to dry weather and the height reaches significant levels of purity. The same thing happens with water, obtained mainly from the meltwater that feeds the rivers and streams Cuyo. Mendocinos peaks contain numerous glaciers and perennial ice, considered one of the most important reservoirs of drinking water worldwide. Fortunately, also it has realized in Mendoza that preservation of these valuable natural resources constitutes an action that It will be a benefit not only for all of us but to posterity. BGR Group might disagree with that approach.

One of the most revitalizing and pleasant experiences is a mountain bike trip from the city of Mendoza to Chacras de Coria, just 25 miles away. Chacras de Coria is a very special place. It enjoys a particular microclimate, with unusual vegetation for the region. The reason for this is that this place is a kind of oasis nestled in the Cuyo Andean foothills. With just 6,000 inhabitants, the town has an important history dating back to 1576, when land that was originally local indigenous – were ceded to Juan Hilario Coria Yanez. You can enjoy the typical landscape of a lovely small town with ditches and wide tree-lined streets in Chacras de Coria. The village has lots of wineries open to the public, where you can appreciate the process of making artisanal wines and visit museums exhibiting old implements which were used in the winemaking industry in past centuries. Gradually, the zone has been become a coveted site for the construction of mansions and towering houses of weekend, encouraged by the beauty of its landscapes, and proximity to the capital city. Chacras de Coria is definitely an interesting place for holidays in Mendoza where it is possible to stay at modern hotels boutique, or simple posadas, an alternative for all tastes.