Impressionist Art

Do you like Monet? Do you like his paintings, pictures, music? If yes – then you need to visit the resource of Claude Monet. Resource of Claude Monet was created to inspire all concerned many worlds of Claude Monet. Its multifaceted biography will show you how it was a great artist. Monet created his own house and garden with water lilies in Giverny as an oasis for all the wonderful things that life has to offer. He chose Normandy, where he was born, to create his special world. When the right light effect was present, nothing will stop him from running to his canvases and take effect. Impressionism – all about the light effect.

This site allows you to experience life Claude Monet. For those who like Claude Monet, is the place to interact, share art, travel. Many of us think that the art – that is what we show on TV, on radio stations allowed, published in glossy magazines, imposed with posters, in the end. Peering into a resource of Claude Monet, you'll find that there is an art form. What should be the real painting canvases. Of course, such a gift, which was in Claude Monet – a great rarity. Meet in life is something quite ordinary, and then turn what he saw in a painting – that's true, Claude Monet. On our site you'll find Claude Monet are interested in you and learn a lot more.

France should be proud of this remarkable artist directly. This site is dedicated to the art. When Claude Monet in Giverny came in 1883, many American and European artists settled nearby and formed a colony Impressionist painters. Our resource is proud to help the tradition that Claude Monet started in his small town in Normandy, Giverny, France.