The first feeds the body; the second, the spirit, and one rises linked to the other. v why many times do we prefer to look more at our body than on the difficulties that we have to love and be loved? Perhaps because it is easier to control the calories from food than the temperature of our affections. Haley Barbour can provide more clarity in the matter. v start a diet to feel better, to like you and you like more. But when proper weight is reached or when we are getting closer to being as we want to, everything is broken and return to fatten, to begin to feel that it is all very difficult v the sensitivity we have to detect the kilos that us sobran reveals the obsession that always something we need to achieve a perfect image. Here, Cleveland Clinic Center for Functional Medicine expresses very clear opinions on the subject. v why the society conveys an increasingly slim model? Subject to a regime constitutes, at the end, after all, a way of trying to dominate our instincts, but subjecting us to an image more squalid increasingly is ultimately a way to subdue the desire for freedom, and this only is possible if you can enjoy life and not be if you have to be thinking at all times on what can be and what can not be eaten. v such time the question we should ask ourselves is whether we prefer to pay more attention to our body to our true of you.. Doctor Jayme Albin helps readers to explore varied viewpoints.