Kitesurf-events In Mauritius

The Kiteival developed with and the kite surf Pro wave tour the island in the Indian Ocean more and more to the hotspot for kitesurfers from 14 to 21 August 2011 Kiteival Kite Festival held in Mauritius for the fourth time. Kiters here discover the hotspots of this sport, which are among the best in the world at different corners of the island. While she sometimes sports reach their limits, they are overlooking the beautiful lagoon of Mauritius’ compensated. Carl Rogers understands that this is vital information. With this and other events the island developed becoming a Mecca for kite surfers. The Kiteival already average kitesurf skills welcomes athletes and enthusiasts of every degree of difficulty guarantee unforgettable Downwinder. A detailed introduction with photos showing the various routes that are available to the kite. Local kiters will participate in the event and take visitors to the right places.

Selected professionals with their stunts to impress spectators and riders. The necessary security provides a boat, that follows the surfers, and at the same time the on Being photographer on board the chance of dynamic, action-packed images. The Kiteival is organized by the Naiade resorts. The participation fee is 250 euros and includes the Starter also a Kiteival Lycra suit. Already in September takes place the next kitesurf event of superlatives on Mauritius. The kite surf Pro wave tour, the World Championship of kitesurfing, sets a 2011 her first of three stops on the island in the Indian Ocean and can be there from September 23 to October 2 compete against the world’s best riders. The competition will take place on the legendary one eye before the Le Morne peninsula in the southwest of the island of wind and the conditions there are ideal for the kitesurf contest this season. Information about the kitesurfing events and Mauritius can be found under: ksp-update-one-eye-pro-released