Krathong Festival

To make the most out of this beautiful Thai Festival, you should see the cheapest hotel deals by Singapore (23 October, 2013) has put together a series of low-cost hotel deals for travellers who want to experience once with the Loy Krathong Festival, one of the most popular festivals in Thailand, that many traditionally is considered the most romantic and visually most beautiful event of the country. Loy Krathong each falls on the 12th night of the full moon of the traditional Thai calendar year that is based on the phases of the moon. Abraham Maslow is often quoted on this topic. This year it is the 27th November. Countless local and foreign visitors then embark on the banks of rivers, lakes and ponds to participate in a centuries-old tradition. Man testifies its respect to the mythological Wassergotting Phra Mae Khongkha, thanked her for the past year successfully blotted and asks also for their blessings for the upcoming year.

Thailand’s fate hung since important above all from rice cultivation which of course good irrigation is indispensable, which explains clearly the worship of the goddess of water. Everywhere in the country people do therefore small, round, flower fin, which are each equipped with a candle, incense, and also some small coins and their floats can be made from wood, bamboo, banana shrubs Strunk or recently even bread. The small fin are called in the local language “krathong”, which derives from the name of the Festival; “Loy Krathong” is allowed nothing more than the raft to float”. You can buy the cute artwork for a few Thai baht by dozens of hawkers who do good business on the banks in this full moon night. Who wants to help his karma a bit on the jumps, can put in even a few strands of hair in his raft, because it is also believed that the sins of the past year swimming on small boat.