Kutilin Problems

The use of modern technology is becoming increasingly popular and above all makes sense when you had always so its problems with the Paukerei of vocabulary and grammar in school. Because a major claim on the modern technique is the shedding of ancient ideas from the beginnings of education. Learning research also supports the modern didactics in this area. This is about gradually the idea to solve that you can learn a foreign language by the isolated timpani of vocabulary and grammar. “The learning research has even recognized that the timpani” is not the mindset of our thinking organ.

Accordingly, we have just so big problems. The learning expert through the use of modern technology can simplify now the learning, says ing. Paul Kutilin. An iPod can be taken anywhere without problems? The English teacher is thus replaced by the iPod. This has many advantages. For example those that on the audio file only native-speaker come to word perfect command of the target language. This was also learning seen as a weak point in the traditional English.

Because the teachers in our country are mostly not native speaker. A virtual teachers”to the English learning has also other advantages. One of his greatest strengths is also its patience. Because even after 50 repeats of same phrase he is always friendly and accommodating. Thanks to the modern technology of the learners in the English will learn but also independent of time and place. So the language can be ideal in the daily routine a. And a significant part of the work of learning can be done even without any problems along the way. As a result, just routine activities can be equipped with additional benefits. Learn the English is perhaps even to the hobby.