Long Term Holiday On Corsica

Winter and long holiday on the island of Corsica’s beauty has a special charm in the winter. When the locals share the streets and squares in bustling in the summer so port towns like Calvi, Bonifacio and Porto Vecchio only with a few a few tourists, go the Corsicans in the mountains on a wild boar hunt and the mature swamplands are harvested in November in the Castagniccia, you can discover Corsica by its quiet and original page. Pleasant warm Mediterranean climate and fragrant lush green lit maquis on the coast, deserted long sandy beaches and crystal clear water of the sea, glittering snow and sunshine in the high mountains of the island of Corsica offers so many contrasts like hardly another area on the Mediterranean Sea in the winter on a few square kilometers. Very brave leap into the icy sea, hiking enthusiasts come in the mountains of the island at their own expense, walkers and Nordic lonely coasts and trails provide walking fans. Gourmets will enjoy the hearty Corsican cuisine with meats, spicy cheeses, polenta from chestnut flour, wild boar, Goose liver and seafood.

While it’s snowing in the Corsican mountains at Christmas time and cold winds through valleys sweep, it can be pretty mild on the coasts, the citrus trees in the fertile plains of the Balagne are filled with sweet lemons, oranges and clementines. But the months of January, February and March – are the best time to stay over the winter because at the beginning of the year of the Maquis are the days again longer, the bushes in their first bloom, and countless almond trees cover whole from January valleys in a soft pink color. Corsica is ideal for long term stays, which a few months want to overwinter in the year in the South. All it takes is a comfortable holiday home with air conditioning heating, a cozy wood-burning stove or fireplace. Many apartments offer their accommodation during the winter months at special prices. Especially you can save, who rents his accommodation right for several weeks. The tour operator holiday in-korsika.com has some Accommodation on offer, where the winter is particularly nice: for example the la terrazza in Calvi apartment with fantastic views to the sea and the Citadel of the city, as well as the spacious holiday house A Petra Tufunata in the mountains of Balagne pool and terrace with fantastic panoramic view of the Golfe de Calvi.

Anyone who wants to experience a little Corsican village atmosphere, the charming Maison Annick in Speloncato was placed on the heart. The elegant Casa San Petru in the lonely mountain village Pianello is ideal for friends and families. The rustic Casa Lilo in Porto Vecchio, on the other hand offers great sea views, a spacious garden and a cozy wood-burning stove for cosy fireplace evenings. Consult the team of holiday in-korsika.com individually to the winter on Corsica! Link: winterfest.cfm