Marital Problems

Such which body reacting to the diseases through the evidentes signals that the antibodies present, when a virus or bacterium decides to invade some part of the organism, thus is the conjugal life, when some thing does not go well between the couple. The body reacts presenting, to the times, a feverish picture with pains, badly to be etc., Between the couple, signals if also reveal of varied ways. Diseases exist that if develops slowly, take as example artrose that is destruction gradual of fabrics that composes the joints (part of the body that the mobility of the bones allows), leading to the gradual installation of pain, deformation and limitation of the movements.One takes years to leave the person cripple in case that if she does not treat, and thus happens with the majority of the problems related to the health; having adequate treatment the picture will not complicate each time more, of simple disease, who, if treated in time being able fully to be cured, will tend to changed itself into one chronic, badly incurable one, that certainly it will be able will end the life. The disenchantments, the frustrations, the things badly decided, badly explained, the incompatibilities, questinculas, the hurts, mutismos, the substitutions and lack of affection between both, are symptoms that must be fought urgently. In case that I oppose, insoluble problems will become bilge an end point in the marriage. In the majority of the cases related to the health the guilt is of the proper patient, who was not interested itself in time in the elimination of the illness, ‘ ‘ fugiu’ ‘ by the doctor, it did not take necessary, auto the medication one took medicine, it did not consider the malignidade of the disease, at last, neglected in the process of the treatment.

Conjugal problems must be faced with seriousness. The good will in solving the pendencies the determination to relight the flame of the love is primordial factors to get ‘ ‘ cura’ ‘ of males that they afflict as many couples. To pray more, to search aconselhamento with people idoneous, to submit it the word of God, to invest in the continuity of the marriage. Practising the humildade, correcting the bad habits and recognizing that all we are defective and devoid of aid, certainly the couple will have to try a new, happy and victorious convivncia. All investment in favor of the family is little! All effort in preserving the marriage will have the blessing of God. Authorship. Pr.Valdemir Fields Rock October 2011.