Medical Plasters On Your Feet

On this day, patches for detox Foot Patch – modern and easiest form of detoxification. Application Foot Patch is gaining popularity as the middle of both patients and practitioners in the middle of doctors and employees Health. Every day the human body is exposed to poisoning by toxic substances, whose actions are impossible to avoid, because they are everywhere: in water, air and eating habits. In the body overloaded with toxins, may come bad consequences, specifically: constipation, bloating, indigestion, digestive problems, gas, fatigue, loss of body weight, excess mucus, bad concentration, headaches, bad skin condition, memory loss, depression, body odor and a nasty nasty breath. Our body does not know how to cope with the toxins that circulate in the bloodstream. Hard to get rid of body toxins, they can accumulate in harmful quantities or be converted into substances that are bad for your metabolism. Detoxification enhances the regenerative function of the body, beneficial effects on blood circulation, restores the affected immune system and prevents premature aging of the organism. Patches is an effective 100% natural and easy to use tool.

Plaster Foot Patch, developed by Japanese scientists in the field of medical research, created to absorb toxins from the body specifically that it contributes to effective cleansing. The powder adhesive is made from natural products are: wood vinegar, including bamboo, eucalyptus, cane, mineral Tourmaline, Chitosan, an extract of oak and starch. Pull juices of plants derive and absorb toxins. All of this is the basis of their ability to prevent disease by lowering the content of toxins in the body. Cleaning patch:-Cleans up the lymphatic system;-Helps reduce the load on your immune system, cleans your body during sleep, reduces excessive sweating, fills you with energy. The plaster on the foot Foot Patch helping to achieve sustainable ogranizmu health (homeostasis) by improving blood circulation, accelerating metabolism, activation bardovyh blood cells, improving sleep and body absorption of uselessness fluids and toxins. The lower part of the foot is a special zone – a place where the end of the reflex of most organs (spleen, kidney, liver, gall bladder, etc.). Because in order to speed up the limit the process of removing the decay products and toxic substances in the form of sweat, and recommend to impose powder packets on the sole of the foot at night. Quite simply, conveniently and efficiently!