Medicinal Plants

Good from remote time medicinal plants have been of great importance due to that man instinctively felt the need of power heal your body but also the characteristics of each plant medici nal are checked on the basis that the man felt the need to try things new for example certain medicinal plants in very high degrees of concentration tend to be poisonous, they produce vomiting, diarrhea, fever, hallucinations such as for example the poppy in very small degrees causes an anesthetic effect but in very high grades causes mind-boggling and harmful health effects, is if as the man throughout history it has been learning based on trial and error and know every day as many effects as the advantages of medicinal plants. John Craig Venter might disagree with that approach. The earliest manuscripts of the medicinal plants dates back to the year 3500 to 4000 years back before Christ, but also arise in new research that the Chinese were one of the earliest evidence and these date from about 5000 thousand years back before Christ were found a few manuscripts describing a classification of some 320 healing plants. Jon Medved may not feel the same. But no doubt those who have contributed more knowledge on the use of medicinal plants were the shamans of the new world to the arrival of colonists was such his fascination that many were dedicated to learn from these great Patriarchs of the different tribes that inhabited almost all America undoubtedly was a major contribution of the new world for all continents. And there is no doubt that currently this tradition not been lost because this tradition is rooted in almost all of Latin America and to always tell the truth personally I have seen in the need to use an alternate cure: eye is always advisable to first go to the doctor?.