This care implies a personal process of self-knowledge and matureness, an experience of significant faith. Somatic Experiencing is likely to agree. The professionals of insensitive nursing had become callous and front to the environment of suffering where they work e, many, still, only restricts to the part technique. It is necessary vocation, devotion, training and an experience of life to include, in care to the terminal patient, the dimension spiritual (SELLI; ALVES, 2007, P. 18). 2.5 The Religion and the Medicine Some doctors, especially catholics, seem to protect certain space deity to explain it what they cannot, when nominate clinics homaging saints or taking them as padroeiros (SNOWS, 1984). Another occasion where the practical doctors appeal the religion is that one where it has medical failures or death, placing ' ' will of Deus' ' as cause of the facts, what, of certain form, it comforts the doctors and the familiar ones.

The religion appears, then, as reply to the necessity to explain and to justify natural and not-controlable facts as the death, and, to the times, the illness. One is made appeals the religious explanations, what sample that, exactly guided for one ' ' to know cientfico' ' , this is not enough when it exceeds the human being (SAINTS, et al, 2004, P. 84). Hospitalized patients who believe some religion improve more quickly of I those that they do not believe. Patients who trust the religion are less probable to develop depression, and until if being gotten depressed, they recover more easily of what the patients less religious (KOENIG, 1997, P. 7). If the patient is trusting religious beliefs and practical to improve, then any action made for the doctor who recognizes and fortifies these beliefs will go to stimulate the ability of the patient to deal with the illness (KOENIG, 1997, P. 27). According to Koenig (1997), treating the person integrally, commenting the aspects spirituals of the illness, he increases the satisfaction of the patient with the treatment and confidence in the doctor.