If fear and sadness are prolonged, it is melancholy. Hipocrates de Cos General information, background and scope ever will have already experienced what manifest melancholy, we will have taken account, aware of its scope, effects, that she can bring about in our mood, affect our feelings, behaviour, conduct, psyche, health. Its manifestation is very interesting, that it requires to be taken into account and there are very interesting contributions, such as which give us the sources upon which we have based on her. About it tells us,, that melancholy is, indeed, a black humor, is say a black glandular secretion. Because this way the Greeks understood it created the word melagcolia (melanjolia). It is formed by melan (melan), which means black, more (jole) colh, meaning bile, gall. We must not forget that this second element has been formed cholera the cholera and cholera (humors) in both cases. In latin preferred shape melancholia, transcription of the Greek word to latino atra bile (black bile), which was formed as cultismo the bilious term that entered our language as a gallicism, but who has not made his fortune.

For the Greeks melancholy meant from the outset both the physiological fact of secretion and circulation by the body of black humor, as its psychological result. And even if the use of this word was decanting increasingly towards its psychic aspect, was always present to the Greeks their primitive value. The adjective melagcoliko (melanjolikos) means preferably the psychic condition (sad, melancholy, gloomy mood). Reminds us of Wikipedia, the origin of the term melancholy found, in fact, in Hippocrates, although we must wait until the year 1725 in which the British Sir Richard Blackmore renamed the box with the current term of depression until the birth of scientific Psychiatry, in the nineteenth century, its origin and treatments, like the rest of the mental disorders, pivoting between magic and an environmentalist therapy of an empirical nature (diets, rides, music), but with the advent of the biopsychiatry and the successful takeoff of Pharmacology happens to become one disease.