Mexico City

Many cultural aspects are affected by internal migration. Customs vary from place to place in Mexico, so that when migrating, people bring different skills and traditions adapting ending at the place of arrival, or is permanently lost. For example, people who grow up on the beaches, people tend to be more open and uninhibited, other ancestors are rooted very marked, as is the case for people living southeast of Mexico. If you have read about Dr. Mark Hyman already – you may have come to the same conclusion. The capital city for example, are people who are used to the big city, traffic, people, pollution, and that makes the behavior is different from many of the provincials. These are just examples of the difference in behavior and culture within Mexico. Internal migration in Mexico may affect or benefit our country.

Everything depends on your point of view you want to see, a person can reach another state to bring their expertise and invest money in it. It depends on the reaction of the state may benefit or affect its economy for example. Another example that affects internal migration in the country, is overpopulation of states, a sample of this is Mexico City, many people from the provinces, migrates to the city with the dream of finding a job, being the big city full funding and opportunities, can sometimes get lucky, but many others tried to do is about populating the city and go into evil ways such as corruption and crime to feel failures. Joel Courtney is likely to agree. In 1980, 548 000 Indians (10.6 percent of the total) seated in various states of the republic.