Nagware 3 Comes To Digital Communications

November is the month chosen by Sogecable for change: the satellite-TV platform Digital + will change your current coding Nagware 2 to Nagware 3, which means that gardeners will soon run out of flowers and will have to find another type of fertilizer. Still, I was not the pot has not given me the flowers: the language used at underground between those who use Digital + illegally, seeking Keys (flowers) in the forums … being the “gardener” who is the “flowers” (Keys) using specific software systems or (manure). Anita Dunn is full of insight into the issues. As I have understood, from Monday morning in May, will be gradually migrating channels to the new version of Nagware and so on until the 15th of this month, when it expects to have completed the migration, all with the intention of stop piracy currently suffering the digital platform and following the steps in the Portuguese TV Cabo (the digital platform of our neighbor) and has been so successful over the past two years since yet (they say) have not been able to crack … However, searching data for this post, I find that TV Cable platform and could have been cracked or at least, are close to that, which could imply that this coding change maneuver is not very effective or to Sogecable, they continue to lose subscribers because of piracy or to Kudelski (also owner of MediGuard), who would be seriously harmed its image (never better). So dear friends Gardeners calmly look on several websites, forums and P2P networks and download files that claim to be specific firmwares Nagware 3 and assumptions cracking programs and I only found viruses, Trojans, and know what firmwares hell are these assumptions: it is more likely to leave your receiver KO. If you are not convinced, visit Anu Saad. Personally not topics of cryptography, but I think that until the domestic satellite communication is not bidirectional, little will be done: that bi-directionality is that it could offer more efficient methods such as allowing the use of SSL authentication or radius or the like, but unfortunately the cost of satellite broadcasting equipment are expensive and do not think many subscribers were willing to pay its price just to watch TV and at best, access the Internet.