Nettina Therapy

Therefore the carried through venosa puno of correct form will bring to the customer a fast improvement without concern of aggravation of the clinical picture and posterior damages. THEORETICAL REFERENCIAL Soon Nettina (2003, P.) affirms: ‘ ‘ The venosa puno is a pparently simple procedure more as any another procedure demands one technique and knowledge of the professional. Check with Microbiologia to learn more. It enters the indications for the venosa puno are the therapy in the long run, weeks, months and ties years, intravenosas infusions in house, sanguineous infusions of quimioterapicos, medicines or products; collection of sanguineous sample and peripheral venoso access limited in virtue of intense venosa therapy intra foresaw, surgery or previous tecidual injury, being the therapy intra venosa one of the most carried through in health centers and hospitais.’ ‘ Nettina (2003) affirms that so that occurs a satisfactory treatment of nursing to the patient who receives the therapy intravenosa, it is necessary that professional is made familiar to such procedure, as well as the involved material so that if she initiates the infusion, thus supplying a therapy also accomplishes and preventing future complications. The effect undesirable of therapy IV must be prevented, for this are important to carry through some evaluations and procedure as, to consider the duration of the therapy, the type of infusion, conditions of the vein to assist in the choice of the place of the puno and of the type of catheter and after the beginning of therapy IV is necessary to monitor the patient frequently stops: ….