New Funding

The Bohme consultancy helps to acquire dedicated schools to new subsidies for the purchase of urgently necessary teaching aids. Unfortunately, the financial base of many schools is rather poor, so one of the most important resources of our country good education often not in the way can be offered, as this is both necessary and desirable. Here the Bohme consultancy helps as a competent, committed and reliable partner quickly and efficiently allowing dedicated teachers to acquire new financial resources which may be used for major purchases (such as education) then independently. Central motivation for the creation of this win-win cooperation, by means of which especially the learning environment constructively can be improved by pupils and students and their parents, last but not least is an interdisciplinary service successfully offered the Bohme’s Advisory Office for many years at the interface between school and family. The core competencies include including expert psychological advice in the school and family psychological environment, tutoring, special education, empathic support for overwhelmed parents, counseling for teachers, implement new teaching opportunities in consultation with teachers, as well as various publications in the thematic field of education, education and society.

Basis of here aimed at win-win cooperation, offered DV-kfm & computer teacher & author & psychological consultants (SGD-Dipl.), interested schools Bohme consulting office under the direction of Mr Aribert Bohme, is the newly implemented seminar titled work, psychology and Motivationscoaching\”, which is to be established in schools about the constructive extension of existing courses. This newly designed seminar learning psychology and Motivationscoaching\”applies alike to parents and teachers who want to learn in concentrated form important knowledge of the psychology of learning and of the Motivationscoachings. In addition, this seminar is the personally guided by Mr Bohme, suitable for all people, who want to acquire a basic basic knowledge in the field of psychology and Motivationscoaching.. .