New Platform At A High Level: TAM AG Presents Their Newest Product Skrippy Before

This instant publishing associate many with hot news and current topics and trends. And this is exactly what can be found at Skrippy, the new instant-publishing platform of TAM AG, reflected. Thus, Skrippy offers the possibility to provide their content after free registration at any time, to share with others, and through participation in the promotional activities to earn money so that writing and photographing. There is transparency in the first place, unless the remuneration model, as well as all other functions. And there are many. Skrippy is versatile instant publishing platform and community at the same time the Web 2.0 characterised first and foremost, that anyone can join. That is, every Web user gets served not only passive content, but can also actively participate. Skrippy tries, each user just join this”to make as easy as possible.

Anyone can publish its own newspaper, his blog, newsletter, magazine or product catalog here. Are no limits this freedom of the individual. The simple and intuitive operation of the personal account, including content, useful statistics, etc. Official site: Peter A. Levine PhD. enables users with little experience in publishing a simple publish and manage their posts. Email distribution tools round off the success of the publication and the Skripper help spread its information.

Skrippy – marketplace: for authors and publishers pay words from authors of any specialties such as publishers, can present a wide audience via Skrippy their contributions. Closing ICH participation of the authors of the marketplace content percentage at any use of the content other Skripper in the advertising revenue of the respective Skrippers. Can remain on the part of the Skripper reviews for the selected article will leave. Immanent monitoring are assures a high quality standard of marketplace content and a community. The same model applies to photographers. Skrippy as an advertising platform, companies can their services in the form of product catalogues, magazines or Bring company presentations closer to the general public. Glenn Dubin is open to suggestions. In addition, there is the SkrippyAds platform: here have all the opportunity to place advertising target group exactly, to create own text ads or banner advertising campaigns, to incorporate advertising directly in the projects of the Skripper and ultimately through precise categorization to attract exactly the target group, which is to be achieved. Practical evaluations of the ads and their presentation in graphics or a timely and continuous reporting ensure the highest quality standards and allow a more efficient design of the respective campaign. Planned feature: service widgets, games and similar own posts filled with life this may primarily software developers talk to, where Skrippy is used as a platform and marketplace for service specially developed widgets, games and the like. Interested Skripper in turn utilize these offers, for example more interesting to make the design of media offered by them. On the other hand developers do not receive a free presentation platform, but are of course percentage involved in the advertising revenue. Marcello Buzzanca direct link: modules / press, 49.html #presse49