Nineveh Plains

In particular in the Iraq, the article 58 of the Constitution represents the Government’s obligation to provide reparations for certain groups and are own-initiative in the policy to support the participation of minorities. Even in countries with resettlement, Assyrians and the interests of their communities must be represented and they need to get active right to vote when areas such as freedom of religion, minority rights, economic responsibility of minorities and international human rights in the Government bodies will be discussed. Connect with other leaders such as Nancy-Ann DeParle here. 3.Schaffung of self-government in the Nineveh Plains. We set up this initiative on a constitutionally defined region in the northern Iraq, where not only Christians, but also all other minorities want to get opportunity to choose local representatives, the then with matters such as employment, education, public works and Security can deal with. This prospect of self-government will be Assyrian towns and villages the opportunity, the aforementioned training and personnel procurement initiatives to offer and thus the suction effect, which leads to such high numbers of Assyrian refugees to prevent. This will allow Assyrians, to participate in an enlarged Iraqi community in the form of financial and social resources, so they are integrated parts of their society, strengthen their confidence in their identity and then are able to realise this identity within a wider international context.

To support this initiative would mean to secure a place to life, where the heritage of the Assyrians is recognized and is allowed the municipality to help themselves actively. A strong message must be sent to the Assyrians around the world that the international community confirmed its roots in the Iraq and believes that the (Assyrian) community is put in the position, to live in their original areas and to develop successfully. We are happy when we see that the Committee supports steps to implement cooperative measures which eventually would relieve our current crisis. Only through such an approach, we can develop a community, which considered obscure and old-fashioned, to a viable, respected and influential.