Nourishing Night Cream

Taking into account annual biological cycles, be aware that our activity of the organism varies with the seasons. Peak annual performance was in September and February. To know more about this subject visit Nancy-Ann_DeParle. Monthly cycles associated with exposure to the Moon, and Moon characterized by reduced activity of an organism, and Full Moon – increased. Under most conditions Dr. Mark Hyman would agree. Give yourself more rest during the full moon. Within days of uptime and alternate with periods of relaxation. The peak morning activity in the period from 8 to 12 hours, and daily peak of activity – from 15 to 18 hours.

If you care for the looks, knowing the characteristics of each period during the day, we can maximize the impact of cosmetic procedures: 6-7 am – the optimal time to wake up. Metabolic processes in tissues more slowly, so many women complain of swelling of the face and eyelids. Stimulate your skin a light massage, apply moisturizer on your face and eyelids, 7-9 hours – the optimum time for the first meal; 8-13 hours – active metabolism, the protective function of the skin, collagen production. The skin is ready for day exposure, the most susceptible to cosmetic procedures and drugs. It is useful to put on skin medicines which protect it from moisture loss and excessive exposure to ultraviolet rays, from 9 to 10 hours is best to carry out medical procedures, associated with external action, as in this period, all skin is less sensitive to injections; 13-15 hours – the metabolic processes are slowed down slightly, weakening the protective properties of the body. Also, while the activity of the small intestine – time to relax after dinner. 16-18 hours – the time of maximum physical activity. The best time of day for exercise, sauna or swimming pool.

During this period, the best grow hair and nails, so you can use these hours to hike to the hairdresser or nail salon; 18-21 hours – the time of beauty. Skin most susceptible to cosmetic procedures. Best time to visit a cosmetologist or beauty rituals of the home; 20-22 hours – the activity occurring in the skin of processes decreases together with the functions of the body. Remove make-up, relaxes, calms the skin, causes Nourishing Night Cream, 22-23 hours – a good time to bedtime. Modern medicine and pharmacology has long had adopted to achieve chronobiology. It is known that biorhythms significantly affect the severity of the effects of drugs and cosmetics. Our body at different times of the day is perceived substance with toning, moisturizing, protective and stimulating effect. Guided by the principles and using the latest achievements of the French Company Klytia (Kelita) created the concept of "chrono-care." Chrono-avoiding Klytia offers each woman a special comprehensive care in accordance with the needs of the skin associated with daily biological rhythms.