Optical Character Recognition

In this project will be implemented applicatory one that it will make an analysis in a figure that contains TrueType characters and after this analysis the applicatory one will generate an archive of simple text contends the characters shown in the figure. Ahead of this necessity of if digitalizar this information off-line, researchers come working in forms to interpret these data and to transform them into treatable information. One of the used methods is the call Optic Recognition of Characters (or OCR – acronym of Optical Character Recognition) that it is a field of research in recognition of standards, artificial intelligence and computational vision. The called Optic Recognition of Characters if summarizes in an electronic method of translation of literal images written by hand, typed or printed in a text of editvel machine. The applicatory one will be implemented to operate in the Android Platform, that is a platform open source based in Java with a system operational in Linux that were developed by the Google for the branch of mobile devices as tablets, cellular, smartphone, and others. The figure a 1 in the sample example of image that could in such a way be deriving of an image taken off for the proper user through the camera of a mobile device, how much of a card of memory, or still of a web site..