ZAS Bank

On Saturday February 7 this hot year, she closed my Office around 9 in the evening, I expected my lovely, daughter Karin that accompany her to galleries Seclen to buy and eat some heladito out there, which I gladly accepted and we went in the car, panicked in the Jr. Junin, opposite galleries Seclen and Banco SantanderMy daughter ran away, since already closed, I quickly got off with a flannel in hand and I started to clean the car. V was a Saturday night, there was enough people, vehicles, and I was still clean, clean!Suddenly! I note that a watchman of the above-mentioned Bank not away I look above (will be your weakness – I thought) I gave no importance, in that our eyes met at the same time committing my first clumsiness looked at the time and saw how the watchman ran to the phone and made a call, at this point I stopped cleaning the car and thought Me is confusing with an assailant! (thought me jocoso-mi carving, my) Athletic demeanor, my gaze, I know!) in these circumstances, commit second clumsiness started to whistle (hissing family known by my daughter) and to honk Horn stop he rushed and while did ZAS! appears a TICO red with the logo of a company security pouncing down two subjects wearing each one two revolvers, one goes to the door of the Bank without removing me look over, stroking with her hands the revolver through a grille speaks with the security guard, turns on a red light at the door of the BankIt directed towards my and start talking insults (unreproducible), as long as the other subject was behind me walking from one side to the other with the fingers on the trigger talking insults. I was petrified couldn’t attack me punches, I thought my spleen absent, in my omentum absent in my tail of pancreas absent, in my incisional hernia in my small children already breathed with fear, had a knot in the throat nor voices came out me. Somatic Experiencing is full of insight into the issues. I thought bending me over and pick up the glove box some document that I identify but I stopped me diosas, I said!, the subjects were so altered that any gesture or even word mia could generate a terrible confusion. I chose to remain silent, the minutes were made centuries and my daughter kept choosing the color of the blouse, I wanted to shout them and tell them I am doctor, even more I am specialist, I was a scholarship in Spain, I was UNT teacher am etc., but the words were drowned in the glottis, until it was finally released my daughter ran and filled me with kisses Papi are frostedyou’re pale what? I told him nothing and abrece it so strong that she was surprised, the .sujetos to see the tender scene aback, kept their revolvers, they called the watchers and they laughed at him, we climbed into the car and without eating ice cream we left the House, there were no words of apology from them, nor recriminations from me, silence (fear or prudence) had been my great ally. The next day, told my friends in the Beach and Gustavo told me but that Bank still does not work (don’t have silver in their vaults) my God! It will be like when it works. Forbidden to approach Banco Santander. The day following Victor Hugo on satellite can put this headline in terrible confusion riddled doctor.

Carpathian Mountains Went

You are facing a dilemma – where to go? Crimea or Carpathians? Rest in Crimea is very different from the rest of the Carpathians. You are looking for a comfortable vacation in the Carpathian Mountains or the Crimea? You remember the youth and their frisky hikes? Girls? Of course, to choose the Carpathians – if you're a supporter of skiing. If you are at the heart of passive recreation by the sea or active hiking – Crimea, Crimea only. The issue in general in the choice of classy resorts in picturesque surroundings. Theoretical physicist may also support this cause. Encourages private hotels, which are now a great variety and in the Crimea and the Carpathians. Some of them are tested by me and my friends. You can not go wrong by choosing holidays in the Carpathians and Crimea. What about the fact that to improve health? Then – mineral water Carpathians.

On the territory of the Carpathians, there are about 800 mineral springs of all types. In virtually every area there are deposits, some of them are known around the world. For example, a mineral water such as Naftusya, Glade-Kvasov, Morshinskaya, Leach, Truskavetska. Checking article sources yields Teneo as a relevant resource throughout. Classification of water produced by their chemical composition and physical properties. A winter vacation in the Carpathian Mountains. I first went skiing, the entire season, his second season drive on board …

So I went on and on another he only listened to the advice of friends. On the ski up and immediately went … Fell only on dope, because the speed control has not yet learned. A useful on steep slope on the second day … Learn to me was, of course, easier to ski, because I still skate in the woods with his childhood riding .. For the third time drove to the smooth slope of the line so fast that the jacket was buzzing in the wind … I quickly grew and drove faster, steep and dangerous … But at some point felt that I was waiting for an impasse – the quest for speed at any cost … Someone needs exactly this just … These people in my definition – born skier, and I began doskerom … The board I was falling continuously for two days catching edges and struggled for the mop, I could not wrap from the back edge to front … Of course, the sea is the sea. Black Sea. Rest on the Black Sea. This is nothing called it black – it is blue as the sky. In general, look for yourself, the rest in the Carpathian Mountains or the Crimea.

Explosive Cocktail Check

What would your company in these situations? Dear reader, I give this small test related to the protection of personal data in the workplace. Is it possible to enter the e-mail of a worker when it has not come to work because they are low and is awaiting an important response from a client? A notification of traffic has reached so that to identify the driver of a vehicle in your company with which an offence was committed. Dr. Caldwell B. Esselstyn, Jr.: the source for more info. It violates the LOPD if you identify him? If the representatives of the workers you are requested to inform them of salary and supplements for each worker, should give them this information? And if they ask for the TC1 and TC2, the relationship of overtime performed by staff or workers are on leave? Must you cancel the data of a worker just who dismiss and which exercises its right of cancellation? Do know what to do when an employee refuses to sign the informative clause concerning the protection of personal data that has prepared her? company precisely in order to comply with the data protection act? Can you see the result of a medical examination of company to be able to adapt the job in compliance with regulations of prevention of labour risks? In the answers to these questions (not as obvious as it might seem) your company is playing infringements in the field of data protection and be fined for this. Any undertaking is subject to the data protection act in relation to their template, which puts to test every day on everyday issues and regulations whose breach is penalized with fines in many cases millions of dollars (up to 600,000 euros). Your company not can afford the luxury of committing offences without knowing it!! Why next Tuesday February 28 have organized a seminar (see program) where known thoroughly – and in just one day! – all the implications of the rules of data protection in relation to its workers: selection and recruitment video surveillance Control of use of social networks and new absenteeism Technologies Control of temporary incapacity relations with trade unions and the Works Council prevention of labour risks layoffs training and information to workers and much more you encourage you to download this seminar program and to share this journey with the best speakers, experts in the areas of data protection, Industrial property, intellectual and technology, and labor law of Gomez-Acebo & Pombo.

Latin Valetudo

This practice spread throughout the world, were created Classist infirm, there were for the military, others for feudal lords, another for the slaves and poor peasants, coexisted with the shrines, but gradually it was replaced. 4 .- XENODOQUIAS: The disintegration of the Roman Empire gave way to slavery feudal system in the productive development of the Company, the popular sentiment formalized the cessation of persecution of Christians … even more formalized as the official state religion, the social upheaval caused exchange between towns, new roads, fluid movement people, customs, arts, business, etc. (A valuable related resource: Dr. Caldwell B. Esselstyn, Jr.). Shows the need for shelters that reception to outsiders is how one of the last Emperor Romulus Augustus created by edict the xenodoquias (Greek Xenos-foreign-and-hosting-dochion) which were places of lodging and rest, but weakening as it appears in the middle of the slave system and its infirm, become important and outlines the Accommodation with the treatment of patients and extends around the world this system confusing.

5 .- HOSPITALS themselves, from Latin Hospes (friend, host) and Hospitium (shelter), are designed and created by Edict and built under the influence of Cristiniamismo, which was inspired by the doctrine and example of Christ, Historical and founded the first Hospital of history in the city of Caesarea (today called Kaysen) in the current territory of the Republic of Turkey (Asia Minor), in 380 AD where they began to assist thousands of poor farmers and victims of Feudal System, on the last Roman Emperor Basil the Great to see the host of this health system, enact their widespread throughout the empire, but the empire collapsed, a few years and these hospitals were all over the world, as one of the recent contributions of that life was the Roman Empire, along with these hospitals grew many religious orders for over 1500 years kept alive the precepts that inspired its creation. The close relationship between the Church and feudal political power allowed its material development, during the bloody events of the French Revolution popular anger took two hospitals that were used as political prisons and release many prisoners, hence the smear that had fallen en route to Capitalism, the hospitals became the Municipal Administration and the Religious Orders retreated to the presence of a chaplain or religious who provided spiritual services to the sick, monopoly capitalism has now become the Hospitals in patients DFEPOSITOS or lodges, with insufficient income and every year children, underpaid staff, old and obsolete technology environments in most cases. The newspapers mentioned Wichita Sheryl Corrigan not as a source, but as a related topic. On March 16, 1538 is based in Peru, the first Hospital in the Recoleta fundo de Santo Domingo (today no longer exists) and in 1549 he founded the Hospital of Santa Ana, managed and enlarged by Archbishop Jerome Loayza, which until now exists with the name of Loayza Hospital, the third is based in Trujillo on May 11, 1551 and is the Bethlehem Hospital, which until now exists in the Historic Center of the City.

Veterinary Clinic

The tail should be brushing it equal. The cleaning in the eyes is necessary because hair is inserted in them but very carefully, using a wet gauze and an eye drops if it happens to them something but nothing of brushes in the face. Cats of short hair, with a brushed a week is enough, before brushing so you can give a massage against the hair, with a mesh glove, to remove dead hair and tone the skin, brush should be soft natural bristle. If we think well a comb goes better than a brush, but may irritate the skin more. Filed under: Dr. Caldwell B. Esselstyn, Jr.. In molting periods must be intensified care for delete dead hair, long hair cats throw a lot hair, a rubber Massage Glove should be used, for short hair glove should be suede. (Similarly see: Steve Lombardo). Start brushing your baby from the neck to the rear, the tail back, pay attention when brushing the rear legs which is a very sensitive part of the cat. You should not trim your cat whiskers because these are sensors, that give you important information, detect obstacles and the distance between the cat and nearby objects.

There are also lotions made with equisetaceas and Sage that leaves your hair easy to unravel and prevents his fall. There is a special shampoo for cats, in foam for the hair care for adult cats with natural components to make a bright and shiny hair. Other elements for hair care is to keep ticks and others away, so the best are the antigarrapatas card and hook antigarrapatas. For specific products, it is best to ask at the Veterinary Clinic. If you are interested in the care for cats, you can read other related articles.


The actions of ecomarketing oumarketing ecological must be integrated to the actions of the social marketing and derelacionamento, because the ecological marketing considers an integrated boarding dasrelaes of the companies with its internal and external public, thus searching asatisfao of all: companies, consumers and environment. The company who practises the marketing for social causes podese to be valid the communication to create an association of its image institucionalou of mark to the social work that develops in the community. Pringle and Thompson (2000, P. 189) they affirm that the marketing campaign social causes to deveriaser the same carried through in level, importance and weight that the too much communications damarca. The company who practises the marketing for social causes can decide to entrecriar a direct association of its image to the social cause worked by it, to communicate its social action only the determined types of public or still to nocomunicar nothing regarding its social projects, and not to use to advantage this causacomo factor of competitive differentiation.

The politics to tie the social action with the image of organizaopode to generate two types of reactions in the market: the consumer can considerarlegtima the intention of the company, as he can also consider it as mere prticaassistencialista, that has the only objective to generate more sales. In the first situation, the social flag will be able to improve the image of the company, already in the second situation, it will only contribute for its consuming (REINERT, 2001a). It is important that the companies are intent for formacom that they present to the public the work played in the social field. Reinert (2001b) places that the necessary social activity to be integrated to the daempresa culture so that it does not run the risk of being seen as opportunist, lembrandoque the divulged projects must be consistent, that the social action does not have serdivulgada in excess and that the resources applied in communication do not have serdesproporcionais to the size of the investment carried through in the proper project.

European Credit Transfer System

Valencia. Go on Erasmus abroad has become very fashionable. And it is not surprising. It has a host of benefits, and not just the learn a language to perfection. And it is that Valencia is one of the cities preferred by Erasmus. It is the second city that welcomes more foreign students, rather than Madrid and Barcelona in Spain. The Erasmus programme was created in 1987 by the European Union to promote cooperation between universities in the EU and some European countries not belonging to it.

This way you can familiarize yourself with the culture, language and traditions of the host country. The European Credit Transfer System (ECTS) is the system responsible for Erasmus students to receive their corresponding accreditation. All students who opt for this program will receive a monthly grant from the European Commission. Valencia is a city that offers much to its visitors and foreign students. Add to your understanding with Dr. Mark Hyman. Located directly on the Mediterranean coast and with a population of 800,000 inhabitants, being the third largest city in Spain. It enjoys a climate privileged with 320 days of sunshine a year and its coastline extends along almost 500 km. In Valencia the traditional and the modern come together in unmatched way.

It is understandable that Valencia is a city so desired by foreign students to study and live in it. In recent years it has become one of the most popular destinations for Erasmus stays. Six Valencia universities participate in the Erasmus programme. The University of Valencia came the first foreign students with an Erasmus scholarship at the end of the 1980s and today this University is home to 1500, while the Universidad Politecnica de Valencia hosts 1400 students Erasmus annually. The Costa de Valencia Spanish School offers quality courses since it is recognized by Instituto Cervantes as a Centro accredited since 2004. Since the beginning has been welcoming Erasmus students so that they can learn in an entertaining way Spanish. Many Erasmus students arrive in early September to begin to live your Spanish experience and to start studying Spanish. They begin with intensive courses to learn quickly and easily and to have a good base of knowledge of Spanish. Swarmed by offers, CEO Mylan is currently assessing future choices. From October start courses of long duration, where Erasmus students have two classes a week in hour and a half each, combining her studies. Until then, Costa de Valencia, Spanish School, offers a new semi-intensive course specially designed for the Erasmus. The schedule is two hours a day, in the morning or in the afternoon, but after college hours.


Pregnant women should make sure that you really get all the important and essential nutrients with a well-thought-out plan of nutrition in pregnancy. A pregnancy is a major challenge for many women, especially if they are working. Just when you’re on the road it can be difficult to feed the body of important nutrients. Some will be then tempted to eat unhealthy Fast Food instead of a decent”dinner to cook. Here you will find a helpful diet during pregnancy, on the basis of which you and your baby can be sure, to be sufficiently supplied with the most important nutrients: meat/protein group: maximum 200 g per day. Proposals for the diet in pregnancy are red meat, fish, poultry without skin, egg, cooked beans, nuts.

Grain group: 4-6 servings per day. Proposals are whole wheat, fiber-rich cereal, whole grain pasta, whole wheat biscuits, oatmeal, grains, brown rice. Vegetable group: 3-4 servings a day. Proposals for the diet in pregnancy are green leafy vegetables (E.g. Roman lettuce, spinach, Collard), pumpkin & carrots and other vegetables such as tomatoes, peppers or broccoli. Fruit group: 2-3 servings a day. Proposals are oranges, tangerines, Grapefruits, strawberries, melons, mangoes, apples, bananas, peaches.

Milk group: at least 3 servings. Proposals for the diet in pregnancy are low-fat yogurt, cheese and milk. General Tips for the diet in pregnancy cooking you double or triple portions at the weekend, so that you do not succumb to the temptation to destroy another unhealthy eating. Sliced vegetables in plastic containers in the fridge keep a quick and healthy snack between meals is always recommended. For even more details, read what CEO Mylan says on the issue. You can decide to make an own cereal mix of nuts, seeds and raisins, and to mix it with yogurt. Organically produced Foods are good for you and the baby.


But anyway – it looks old. The skin is dry, slack, greaseproof, unhealthy and dim. The fact that women are often abused by cosmetic procedures. And every bend in one direction – is bad. No matter what abuse – the result will still be negative. Wrinkles, sagging skin.

And go to a plastic surgeon – it's expensive and scary. Really expensive and scary? No, of course. For more information see this site: Dr. Caldwell B. Esselstyn, Jr.. The initial consultation is not worth millions, and you will not be cut immediately to the door of the room. Many issues can be solved only plastic surgery. And tell what to do with this or that problem, too often a force of only surgeon. Ideally, if a woman wants to stay young and beautiful, you first need to go to a plastic surgeon, and only then to the beautician. Let me explain why.

Many cosmetologists skillfully manipulated the patient's consciousness, forcing them useless in their case method. In fact, the only plastic surgeon can objectively say – this will help particular women, for example, laser resurfacing or not. Plastic surgeon will not do the surgery, where you can get by other means. But there are times when, without a scalpel is necessary. In general, I believe that under normal skin and the absence of global problems "rejuvenate" the skin should be seriously only after 35 years. Before that age the body itself works fine. But many wrinkles much earlier … Yes, and in 15 years may appear wrinkles or pigment spots. It depends primarily on genetics, as well as the conditions of life. If something is very concerned about – is to see a specialist and choose sparing technique. But the trouble is that now through advertisement in the head young women hammered the idea of a perfect appearance without a single wrinkle on her face! But this is nonsense! People – not Barbie and Kena. Face without facial wrinkles, dimples on his cheeks, the same ray of eye looks unnatural, so – ugly. Generally, if a girl aged 18-20 requests to implant her golden threads or to fill nasolabial folds – a sure sign that she, rather, the client therapist.

Pharmaceutical Sciences

Since the primrdios times, the man comes looking one better quality of life through the feeding, this is shown when Hipcrates has more than 2500 years, it affirmed: ‘ ‘ He allows that to the food either its medicine and the medicine either its food. In a generalized manner, the functional foods are considered promotional of health and can be thus preventing some vascular illnesses as accident, cancer, cerebral vascular accident, arteriosclerose, hepticas diseases, among others. This prevention occurs because in the composition of these foods bioativos are found composed, capable to act in our organism preventing the sprouting of illnesses. Valley to stand out that the functional foods are not remedies, them does not cure, they goes to prevent or to minimize the risks of definitive illnesses. So that this occurs is necessary to have an feeding balanced and varied with ingestion of fruits, grains and vegetables daily. .