Gayle Rubin

One> regulating ficcionria idea believes that the sort concept occidental person is that the maternity is natural and the cultural paternity. Through this theoretical concept and analyzing the sort concept anthropologist Marilyn Strathern shows with its etnogrficas research between the melansios that ' ' the women make bebs' ' it pointed that the center of the production of the belief of that the women make the babies (and its pair, who the men if make itself exactly). It argues that the men and the women do not exist in permanent state as citizens and objects in aristotelian contexts, hegelianos, marxist or freudianos. The melansios have a different dynamics and a geometry. For the occidental people, a central consequence of the concepts of sort difference is that a person can be transformed by another one into object and be stolen of its statute as subject.

The occidental people believe that she must remain itself as if it was an ownership. This ownership can be associated with the cultural production or can have been born with it. The speech of the difference between sex and sort it is initiated in years 50 and 60, however it is in the end of years 70 that such speeches are created with an intention to a debate scientific politician and to the critical one to ' ' determinismo biolgico' ' sexista science especially biology and the medicine. A trend carried through for Gayle Rubin on the theory and the politics feminist on sex/sort through the speeches of Marx and Freud, Lacan and Lvi-Strauss. It was carried through by 1975 return, where it examined ' ' domesticao of mulheres' ' in which the female human beings were material rude in the social production of women through the exchange of controlled systems of kinship for men in the institution of the culture human being. This domesticao defined sex-sort as the social reception system that transformed the biological sexuality into product of the activity human being and in which the specific sexual necessities are satisfied from there historically resultant and conclude that the men possuam right on the women and that had to obligator heterossexualismo.

Fatten Muscular Mass

If you question yourself as I can raise of weight? , since by many years always you have maintained a figure that you would like to change, instead of being criticized by your extremely thin aspect and although genetics studies inform that it is established in certain individuals, does not mean that it is not possible to be increased some kilos to be able to improve your appearance. The essential is to begin by the simple things to increase of weight by means of the development of the muscular weave. It is always essential to know what is the main reason for the weight handicapped, a medical consultation always is you validate to follow a treatment plan and to even modify some habits that can be triggering lost an abrupt one. They lose many it by its daily activity and little taken care of in the things that consume, thus they think that to eat any fast food it begs the nutrients of a balanced food. Then if we want to get fat muscular mass we will do the following thing: – At the end of the day to make a list of consumed during its course and activities, to verify that the caloric wearing down or the food ingestion was greater and as we ingest. – To realise another new list in that we will place the replacement of greasy foods by fruit or foods of high protein power like instead of eating a stock market of chipses, to prepare a sandwich of chicken, or to take two fruits, as well as the meals that increased. – As it is required to eat but I number of rations of food that arrive up to six, wrath being increased around the week that follows. That is to say, if we ate three meals to the day, during one week we will be varying the amount of foods of small to substantial from three to four and with the activity that we exert aid to manage to fatten muscular mass.

– In the previous thing, we will do in if that the six meals are separated per hours, bony every four hours another ingestion becomes of foods. – To fatten muscular mass is to increase the quality of calories as the intensity is increased of the activities. We realise exercise, we do not forget to take from some supplements to be able to maintain stability and not to lose weight, but to gain it. In order to see what is the verified plan so that any naturally skinny man can finally increase mass muscular, you click here.


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The Option

The great majority, 53.2% opted to agronomy, followed of medicine veterinary medicine with 25%. It is verified that great majority of the pupils intends to continue in the farming area. These preferences suffer influence related to some aspects such as: the origin of the majority of the pupils to be agricultural; the influence that the course technician in farming exerts on the pupils; still the chance that the pupils see of if deepening the professional area which opted since average education, in the case the course in study. To lock up the inquiry in relation to the academic pretensions of the pupils, the same ones they had answered you discipline if them and methodology used in the course technician in farming had influenced in the enunciated taking of decision in the previous questions and why. The option yes was answered by the majority of the interviewed ones, with 80,4% and the main evidenced reason was related the characteristic that the course has of through its contents, to suggest what the pupil will work or study future. That is, the course presents of clear form the contents in way that the pupils if see in the future playing this or that activity, and through this future visualization they in accordance with takes the decisions the ability level that imagine to have.

The IMPORTANCE OF the ADMINISTRATION IN ACTIVITIES AGROPECURIASA to leave of the vision of the pupils, searched to identify to which the importance of the administration in the farming activities. For the same ones they had been in such a way questioned to this respect beyond being questioned how much which knowledge is more important, of the technique or the administration followed of why of the reply. They had been questioned still, if the farming course technician in of this more space the related knowledge the administration, the professional future of the pupils would be better, worse or it would not influence.


According to same author it must be analyzed by the following parameters: demographic, partner-antropolgico and epidemiologist. While demographic, he is tied with the growth sped up in the ratio of aged in the world. No longer partner-antropolgico, the elderly is ‘ ‘ desligada’ ‘ politics and socially, had the different forms of discrimination that the society repudiates the aged ones. As for example, the state to consider aged the responsible one for the raised expenses with the social welfare. The concept violence epidemiologist mentions the processes and social, interpersonal, of groups, classrooms, sort or objectified relations to it in institutions, when they use different forms, methods and ways of destruction of other people, or its direct or indirect coercion, causing physical, mental and moral damages to them. In accordance with Queiroz (2000), the violence can be studied by dimension levels: The level macro mentions the violence to it in the social context and would be all form of discrimination against the age, disrespect in general to the legal constitucional laws and of the aged one. The average level is on the violence in the community.

It contemplates the way as the aged one is treated in general by the community. The level micron analyzes the violence in the domestic scope against the aged one, its familiar and cuidadores. Approach must be given to greater the violence that occurs in the familiar seio, therefore literatures according to consulted is the violence form that more acomete to the aged ones. Ritt (2007) and Day et. al (2003), converges how much the differentiation between domestic violence and familiar violence. The domestic violence can be defined as being that one that occur in the domestic environment where the aged one is inserted, not being necessarily familiar, but, yes neighboring, cuidadores, or, also, people who work in geriatrical houses or asylums.


I presumed, valley to say, that the psychoanalysis is not a specialized branch of the medicine. I do not see as it is possible to argue this. The psychoanalysis is a Science. The possibility of its application the medical purposes does not have to desorientar in them.

The electricity and radiology also have its medical application, but science which both belong is, not obstante, the Fsica.’ ‘ Freud doubted the intentions of the doctors: ‘ ‘ Still I feel certain doubts how much if the gift to cortejar of the psychoanalysis for the doctors is based — of the point of view of the theory of the libido — in the first one or second subfases of Abraham: if they desire to take ownership of its object with the purpose of destruiz it or preserv-lo.’ ‘ The Founder of Psychoanalysis found ‘ ‘ unjust and Inconvenient to try to compel a person whom it desires to free somebody of the torment of a phobia or an obsession to follow the indirect road of the resume mdico’ ‘. said: ‘ ‘ A knowledge of anatomy of the tarsianos bones. of the constitution of the carboidratos, of the course of the cranianos nerves, an understanding of everything what the medicine brought to the light on the bacillary exciting causes of the illness and the ways to fight them, on reactions of the serum and neoplasmas — all this knowledge, that is doubtlessly of the highest value in itself, not obstante it is not of no consequncia; it does not interest to it, nor the aid directly to understand a neurosis and to cure it, nor to contribute for aguamento of those intellectual facultieses which its occupation makes the greaters exigncias.

Global environmental impact

Global environmental impact Most of the energy used in different countries comes from oil and natural gas. The marine pollution by oil is a problem that worries many years maritime countries, whether or not oil producers, and industrial enterprises linked to the exploitation and marketing of this product. Since then they have taken huge international technical and legal provisions to prevent or lessen the occurrence of these problems. Oil spills in the seas, rivers and lakes produce environmental pollution: damage to marine wildlife and birds, vegetation and water. In addition, damage to fisheries and recreational beaches. It has been discovered that despite the volatility of oil, its characteristics of persistence and toxicity continue to have fatal effects underwater.But are not the spills by tanker accidents or ships carrying oil, offshore or coastal proximity, the only cause of ocean pollution by hydrocarbons. The largest proportion of the pollution comes from industrial and motor oil, burnt oil reaches the oceans through rivers and streams. It is estimated that worldwide, 3,500 million liters of used oil intorivers and oceans come to 5,000 million liters of crude oil or its derivatives are poured. The gaseous waste products expelled from refineries cause the alteration, not only the atmosphere but also of water, soil, vegetation, birds and other animals. One of the most harmful gaseous pollutants is sulfur dioxide, damages the lungs and other parts of the respiratory system. It is an irritant to eyes and skin, and even will destroy the tooth enamel.Environmental impact to the environment: Impact of irreversibility caused by a logging company in plaster in El Cajon del Maipo, Chile, Route G-25, pre-Andes of Santiago de Chile. Other alternative energy sources is developed that generates many radioactive waste or radioactive contaminants, from nuclear reactions or radioactive mineral deposits in the plants where these are refined or processed minerals, and electricity generators work with radioactive material. Still no known method to eliminate this waste without risk to man. Another impact generated by the exploitation of energy resources is the noise, as noise produced by the industry, reduces the hearing and may affect the circulatory system, and still, when workers in these industries are already accustomed to the noise by listening as prolonged mental harm generates them.Mining and mineral processing often produce negative environmental impacts on air, soil, water, crops, flora and fauna and human health. Also can impact both positively and negatively, in several aspects of the local economy such as tourism, establishment of new populations, inflation, etc.. In the past, companies were not always required to remedy the impacts of these resources. As a result, much of the cleanup costs had to be subsidized by taxpayers and local citizens. This paper presents the costs are representative of many remediation activities. Often the most expensive item is the long-term water treatment. The use of environmental financial guarantees or insurance can ensure that the polluter-pays for most costs. Another issue to consider with respect to the environmental impact of energy production and consumption is the emission of greenhouse gases such as CO2, which are causing climate change.This is not only the emissions produced by burning during the consumption-for example by burning gasoline to use a car for the transportation of people and goods, but also the production of energy in power plants-in which generates electricity mainly from coal combustion. The increasingly widespread use of renewable energy alternatives is the best way to reduce this impact.

Gestacional Diabetes

Monograph presented to the course of nursing of the College San Francisco de Barreiras as requisite for attainment of the heading of Bachelor in Nursing. Person who orientates: Karine de S Macedo ANA ALICE HISSES OF MELO SABRA PROPHET NOVAES SAINTS gestacional Diabetes SUMMARY mentions the intolerncia to it the glucose that is diagnosised during the pregnancy where some women will be able to present this pathology in this period. This pathology has the capacity to provide to some risks and possible problems to the embryo in development. Great diversity of opinions exists on the detention and the treatment of diabetes gestacional, but it has indications of that the hiperglicemia materna either a factor of risk in such a way for the embryo how much for the mother. The attention in the prenatal period of and the puerperal one must include action of promotion and prevention of the health, beyond diagnosis and adequate treatments of the problems that can come to occur in this period. The choice of the Center of Attendance Mulher (CAM) for the accomplishment of this study, if gave for the fact of the gestantes to initiate the prenatal one in the rank of Program of Health of Famlia (PSF) where after the risk diagnosis, are directed, for accompaniment specialized and rigorous in the unit of cited health. The present work had as objective generality to observe the knowledge of the gestantes taken care of in the CAM on diabetes gestacional and objective specific to identify numbers of gestacional case of diabetes, it traces the profile of the gestantes, to observe if these gestantes they in such a way had knowledge of the complications of the DG for mother how much it embryo and to evaluate the assistance of nursing offered to these gestantes of this form the type of study that was boarded was of the exploratrio and quantitative type where they had been part of research 47 (forty and seven women) that they had read and they signed the assent term, as Resolution 196/96 and had answered a questionnaire I contend 12 (twelve) closed questions. It was observed that the interviewed gestantes exactly being carrying of DG did not receive a medical accompaniment and from qualified nursing, with qualification for conduziz them and orient wools under the amounts of visits in the unit of health, and thus guaranteeing its return. Word Key: Nursing; Pregnancy; Gestacional diabetes.

Diabetes Amputations

Still in its article, Celoi Maria Rabbit (2009), tells that: ' ' The socioeconmico impact of the diabetic foot is great, including physical and social expenses with treatments, internments, incapacitaes drawn out and recurrent as loss of job and productivity. For the individual, it brings repercussion in its personal life, affecting its auto-image, auto-esteem, its paper in the family and in the society and, physical limitation will be had, can occur social isolation and depresso' '. The diabetic foot cause suffering, as changes of the style of life and in the quality of life, disabling the patient, many times, to exert its normal activities. Associating, still, high economic-social costs, in virtue of amputations, precocious retirements, loss of the labor functions in productive etria band, absenteeism to the work and the medical and hospital cost. (MAGELA). Data of the Health department (2009) disclose that approximately 63% of the not-traumatic amputations in occured inferior members in the year of 2008, had occurred in virtue of the Diabetes. ' ' The diabetic foot is responsible for significant parcel of the internments of diabetic patients, consisting also in the biggest cause of hospitalizations drawn out in these pacientes' '.

(OPOSSUM, 1998). In Brazil, diabetes mellitus, also is important cause of amputations of inferior members, being a considerable factor of incapacity, invalidity, precocious retirement and deaths you prevented in diabetic patient (SPICHLER, 1999). The diabetic foot, as well as any another complication of the Diabetes Mellitus, can easily be evitvel, demanding of the patient a special and rigid attention to the feet and a series of cares and changes in its style of life, that fits to the professionals of the health to guide, to acquire knowledge and to evaluate the feet of its patients. 2.3 – Cares with the feet. ' ' The care represents a primordial action in survival of all alive being, especially, of the human being.

Diabetes and Complications

SUMMARY the present study is initiated from some questionings, reflections and analysis on the life of that they suffer of one of the illnesses quieter than can compromise the quality of life? THE DIABETES. How it is that still it occupies the first places of deaths in many countries of the world? How to contribute so that Diabetic Type 2 has a good quality of life without it has complications? Much people think about the Diabetes as a simple and benign illness, one probleminha banal of ' ' high sugar in sangue' '. In the truth, unhappyly, it is not well thus, the badly-controlled Diabetes finishes producing, with running of the time, acute and chronic complications, serious and potentially fatal injuries. Had its complexity, the Diabetes Mellitus type 2 cause very great impacts in the personal, familiar and social scope of it has that it. In result of the Diabetes Mellitus Type 2, being this, one of the biggest causes of deaths in the world if not controlled.

In elapsing of this work the emphasis if concentrates in the prevention of complications generated for the Diabetes Mellitus type 2. The process of prevention of complications in Diabetic Type 2 is one of the enrolled activities in practical social of the ESF (Strategy Health of the Family) when integrating the process of work in health, being the same of great importance helping in the improvement of the quality of life. 1.1 – Objectives? To display the importance of the education/prevention of complications come back toward the carriers of Diabetes Mellitus type 2. 1,2 – Justification of the study the present study justifies due to the high indices of prevalence of complications of people with diabetes mellitus type 2, being important to give to emphasis in the educative process and the prevention as one of the solutions for not the complication of the same.