Peptic Ulcer Disease

Violation of the integrity of the gastric mucosa or duodenum. Mucosa has cells that secrete the secret needed to digest food. The secret contains hydrochloric acid and enzymes. Usually the mucous membrane is stable and does not allow acid and pepsin erode the wall of the intestinal tract, but if the mucous layer is broken, it may be an ulcer. Often affects middle-aged men and is manifested in severe pain upper abdomen, which occurs during the first 30 minutes (for ulcers), and 1-2 hours (for duodenal ulcer) after a meal.

Pain may be accompanied by vomiting and diarrhea. In severe cases, possible complications – bleeding and perforation of the ulcer, which required emergency room surgeon. Other symptoms may feel a strong burning sensation in my stomach. Despite the diversity of the causes of the development of peptic ulcer disease, remains one does not exclude the importance of factors such as stress and poor diet. Opportunities provided by the Company mill products are huge: 1. Removal or leveling of stress factors – Information matrix. 2.

You must use the chances of an organism to self-healing – stimulants Piokal. 3. Adaptogens: Floritsa and its variants (pine, spruce, pine), balsam Living Water. 4. Restoration of normal intestinal flora – concentrate bifidobacteria and Lactobacillus , Tibetan herbal tea. 5. Protection and healing of damaged gastric mucosa and / or duodenum. This task will help to comply with such products as balsam Living Water, Floritsa, herbal teas Magician, Blessing, Joy. More rapid process of scarring ulcers will contribute biologically active additives Kedrosil, Apilam, Vitali, Lohelan, migi. 6. Hits helps to normalize the pH (acidity) of gastric juice, protect the damaged epithelium of the stomach and duodenum. 7. Protection of liver cells, the normalization process of bile help to improve digestive processes, allowing for some degree aggravation of peptic ulcer disease prophylaxis. This will help with products such as Floritsa and its variants (spruce, pine, cedar), Lohelan, herbal tea Magician, Herbs life number 3. 8. Anti-inflammatory, and kapillyaroukreplyayuschee spasmolytic effect will Beloyar (with licorice extract). 9. Beloyar (from marigold extract) will contribute to regeneration, which optimizes the process of healing erosions and ulcers of the mucous membranes. 10. Aromatherapy: basil, geranium, mint, lemon, lavender.