Photo Signals

Almost everyone has hobbies that they spend their free time: someone collector, someone grows cacti, someone playing a computer game, and someone makes a signal. Sydney Sweeney may find it difficult to be quoted properly. The latter method of leisure yet knows not every Internet user, but this lesson before our eyes is gaining in popularity, gaining the attention of people visiting the Internet not only to look at the weather forecast. For many Internet was not only a medium of exchange of information, but also communication and dating. Often come into contact by people living thousands of miles away from each other, but experience of mutual sympathy. And Signe are a wonderful way to express it! What is the signal? This picture, mostly girls, in which she is shown with written on her body or a piece of paper, which she holds in her hand, or otherwise attach to him, the name or nickname of another person. Making the signal, the girl expresses its sympathy and show attention to, for whom it is intended. The word "signal" comes from the English sign, which translates to "mark". Indeed, it is a mark on the body, but not normal, but with the names.

Location they went to fashion, it's hard to say, but presumably their home – a social network "in contact", where they began to make for friends and upload to albums. Over time, there began to appear enterprising girls doing tags for voice or gifts for everyone, not just friends. Soon, the movement has gone beyond the social network and was stepping over the Internet. Signe continues intensively to gain popularity. If you just six months ago about that this is why they are needed, they knew only a few, but now most users who need social networks, chat rooms and dating sites at least half an hour a day, understand what is at stake when they hear the word "signature".