Photovoltaic And Solar Cleaning

Photovoltaic and solar cleaning Schleswig-Holstein with the purchase of your investment you made probably credible, that the modules in a natural way itself are clean. Others including Dr Jee Hyun Kim, offer their opinions as well. First, the experience showed that a cleaning by snow and rain compared to our cleaning procedures in no way sufficient, because this has only a small effect of cleaning. Already slight soiling facilitate the settling of other deposits and cause morning later turns on the system and turns off earlier in the evening. This is particularly noticeable during the cold and gloomy winter months where no optimal sunlight is already given. Additionally, the existing pollution of the plant reduces this ray of Sunshine exposure. Deposits are aggressive and quickly create a bleak module interface, which significantly reduce the actual performance of the entire system. Any surface that is located in the outdoor time accumulates dirt. Window, roof tiles, streets, walls, etc.

are filthy of numerous substances. To do this include: lime deposits by cleaning with tap water! Leaves and needles of neighboring trees pollen and seeds of grasses and trees soot from heating systems and motors dust by industrial air pollution dust from roads and railway lines, dust and organic substances from install extractors (from agriculture in General) feed dusts from agriculture growth of pioneer plants such as lichen, algae and MOSS on seals and on the glass insects and their remains and droppings bird droppings of the rain can not (completely) eliminate the residues. Because otherwise you would have to Yes also not clean your window or winter gardens. Information: A photovoltaic system is classified as a trade tax. You can tax claim the Bill for our services as output. Also get refunded the sales tax of our Bill from the IRS. For more detailed information, please ask your tax advisor.