Preparing For University

For those who choose higher education abroad, there are stages of preparation for university. Different countries have different preparatory program (2 / 3 YEARS): A-LEVEL, foundation, ib – International Baccalaureate, etc. FOUNDATION: This is the most guaranteed and a short way into the universities of Great Britain for those who have not previously studied in uk schools and colleges, but he wants to pursue higher education in England (16 years). But! Foundation Programme are not recognized by all universities. Set carried out 1-2 times a year (depending on the particular school), duration of training – 1 academic year. There are accelerated programs of this type. Program Foundation (from the English ‘foundation, base’) appeared at universities in the uk, usa, Canada, Ireland, Australia and New Zealand as a mechanism to yesterday’s student-foreigner to become a full student in one of these countries. The principle of ‘mechanism’ clear – no matter how capable knaukam and hard you are, get a higher education in in any other foreign country in a foreign language in an unfamiliar environment is incredibly difficult.

Year spent in preparation for University of programmeFoundation fills ‘gaps’ that are inevitable during the transition from the educational system of one country to another educational system. In addition, our secondary education is calculated at 11 years of training and education uk idrugie Western countries – for 12 years. Some facts about the program, Foundation: program duration Foundation – 9 months (3 terms) began training under the training program for university usually in September and in January 100% of admission to One of uk universities for successful completion of program requirements for admission to programmuFoundation: the age of 16 years, the minimum level of English – intermediate (= ielts 4,5 or toefl 450) completed secondary education; highest average score Certificate of Secondary Education Programme Structure Foundation: English classes to improve the general level of English language lessons on ‘academic language for academic purposes’; classes selected disciplines, classes to prepare for the delivery of international exam (IELTS).