I allow myself to be happy, I authorize to be happy and all serfeito in this direction. We know that it is not the lack of resources that nosafasta of our objectives, and yes the intensity of our desire. Quandono we have the intensity to carry through them, two can be the reasons. Aprimeira is that what we desire he is not truily alinhadocom our passions, talentos and dons. Second it is because still estamosna phase of the learning, we need to assimilate more the experience to dessequerer.

It is useful to answer to a still more important question: Paraque to be happy? What I will make being happy? What I will attract? The way comovoc if feels, if it hears, if it sees, is in its hands. Fcilque is not a life makes in them happy. Accurately the opposite. Great warlike battles are given agrandes. I consider a great warrior! I chose aminha happiness definition. For me, happiness is to be useful next me eao.

It is to see me as a generous person and source of inspiraopara a prosperous life. That to talrealizar an exercise? It creates its proper definition of happiness. Sejaela which will be, thinks about what it would make you a happy person. Now olhepara its life and answers with sincerity: What it hinders to it to be they felizem every day of its life? It swims. I am certain of that if existealgum obstacle is with its permission. Either happy to break destemomento and it will be attracting all the successes that want very with maiseficcia. Until the month that comes, DanuzMedeirosColaboradora of the site