I presumed, valley to say, that the psychoanalysis is not a specialized branch of the medicine. I do not see as it is possible to argue this. The psychoanalysis is a Science. The possibility of its application the medical purposes does not have to desorientar in them.

The electricity and radiology also have its medical application, but science which both belong is, not obstante, the Fsica.’ ‘ Freud doubted the intentions of the doctors: ‘ ‘ Still I feel certain doubts how much if the gift to cortejar of the psychoanalysis for the doctors is based — of the point of view of the theory of the libido — in the first one or second subfases of Abraham: if they desire to take ownership of its object with the purpose of destruiz it or preserv-lo.’ ‘ The Founder of Psychoanalysis found ‘ ‘ unjust and Inconvenient to try to compel a person whom it desires to free somebody of the torment of a phobia or an obsession to follow the indirect road of the resume mdico’ ‘. said: ‘ ‘ A knowledge of anatomy of the tarsianos bones. of the constitution of the carboidratos, of the course of the cranianos nerves, an understanding of everything what the medicine brought to the light on the bacillary exciting causes of the illness and the ways to fight them, on reactions of the serum and neoplasmas — all this knowledge, that is doubtlessly of the highest value in itself, not obstante it is not of no consequncia; it does not interest to it, nor the aid directly to understand a neurosis and to cure it, nor to contribute for aguamento of those intellectual facultieses which its occupation makes the greaters exigncias.