Pujada Poetry

So I think each of the chosen human existence to leave a path strewn with lines, has the immense responsibility to overcome, to mold, to deliver him, that influence the soul pouring drawing with all his master's beautiful words. I think the need not to lose sight of the study of all existing forms within this valuable and beautiful genre. I advocate that being poets, fragile beings, have them extremely sensitive to disclose the absolute necessity of his works, works that are sometimes in form and language a beautiful message to the society in which we live. Even more these days, where the unprecedented events, the evil behavior of nature and human beings become more publicized through the media and educational audio visual influence our future generations. It is essential that poetry, in that wonderful way of saying, to express the beautiful, also resume its reins to beautify and nourish the life of majesty, daily events, our television screens, the pages of newspapers, radio, transmitting no only messages, but good and valuable work to continue to drive new generations, studying and creating it.

I also want to defend the poetry does not lose its pinpoint accuracy, to keep it erect its steep cadence and do not miss those who can not give you or give you rhythm, sound, figurative expressions, they want to become a simple prose, which sometimes does not say anything or leave a mark on the sands of poetry. Much has been discussed on the prose and verse, some say that the difference between poetry and prose, is rhythm. More poetry than prose makes abundant use of figures of speech to produce in the listener the rhythm, musicality, which transmits the mood of the soul. I am not against the blank verse, but if the verse, so white and so free that is not verse. That which does not even conveys nothing other than the bad taste of poetry and Pujada made with no color, no elements of beauty and good taste. First I think it is fair that each of us to study with perseverance the history of poetry, his way of projecting at different times, his career aesthetics, the literary currents that have existed until now, techniques and handling of rhyme. It is necessary that the different institutions that bring together poets and impart writers writing workshops, in order to improve the quality of our work. But today the use of larger virtual library of Internet universe that is at our hand all you need to learn, understand and manipulate literary genres, we grow what we want to make known, without dropping our beloved poetry , which is and will remain the best and most beautiful monument of world literature.