Red Apple

Here are three spells to woo that person why you can’t sleep. For the first, at full moon, with red ink writes the name of the person in a strip of parchment paper, and another yours. Cut a Red Apple in the middle and make a hole in each half. By the same author: Dr. Mark Hyman. Placed inside a red rose petal, one of the papers and tapalo with the other petal. Repeat the operation with the other part of the Apple and other paper.

Joins Apple and tie it with a red ribbon bow. While atas it repeated three times want that person fall in love of you, who come to you and you’re the only person in his heart from that moment. It requests that the Moon and the stars illuminate both souls that night while you put the Apple under your bed. Lean to the full moon at midnight. He repeated the prayer three times. On the evening of the following Friday bury the fruit in a site with moisture. This is one of the spells to woo more effective.

Another spells to woo that it gives more result is to take a lock of your hair, and one of the other person and put them in a bowl (better If it is ceramic or clay). Mix. It turns on a red candle and one black and poured wax of both sails in the container. Repeated three times that is your love, you want to love you and accept you as you are, because your you want to give your heart and your love is pure and sincere. Keep it where nobody can find it. The third of the spells for love is even simpler: take a bottle and enter the name of your beloved written 7 times on a paper with blue ink. Fill it with honey and tapalo that tight. Keep it secretly. Help! Is there really spells and white magic spells that work? -> Find out Conjuros.