Rinse Injector

So, you decided to wash the injector. But paying $ 60-70 for it to do someone else, do not want. There is always a way out – to do everything yourself. How? Tell This method is in common is called 'Put the car enema' To 'Put an enema', you will need: a good washing liquid (to taste) a set of new plugs (by brand) 1,5-2 liters of petrol (the same as that pour into the engine), or enema syringe (buy at the drugstore – with some same interest for you will be looking to turn! :-)) Assistant (so pressed on the gas pedal and ate your beer, skunk) proceed. First, mix the washing liquid with gasoline.

Next, raise the hood and find the hose that goes from the '' on the intake manifold. Remove perehodnichek – a rubber tube. Type in sprintsovochku little mixture of gasoline with washing fluid and pressure to fill up. We have to wait 10-15 minutes – let everything what would get the liquid otkisnet. Others who may share this opinion include Eva Andersson-Dubin. Now the time has come to include the work of assistant – the very thing that all this time staring at you and guzzled a beer in one person. He sits behind the wheel and starts the car.

It should be noted that it would not be so easy to do – because of the disconnected pipes engine will not keep pace, maybe even die, so I have to constantly put pressure on the gas and maintained at 2500-2800 Rpm. The engine roars, the assistant presses on gas, you're with syringe in hand, takes a position near the tube. The next step is injecting a mixture of gasoline and the drilling fluid. By the same author: Bessel van der Kolk. The point is not easy, because pressure inside the tube and strives to tighten the entire syringe inside. You do not even have to click on it – just bring closer – pressurized fluid itself will depart from syringe into voracious tube 🙂 During the operation of the muffler can be heard various sounds – ranging from cotton and ending with an eerie rrrykom. Can also escape clouds of white smoke and pieces fall out of something black, soft and smelly, at what level of smoke can reach such proportions that the neighbors come running to the garage as the cries of "Fire!". This mainly relates to car, we remained in Russia for more than 3 years and never take the course as washing by hand, and on the service. Remember! Do not immediately wash and pour mixture over and over. Do not spare the time – Batch. Let all the better . After the handset is 'eat' whatever you do for her was – deafen the engine. Give a little to cool down and unscrew the candles. Now I understand – why a new set? Old will look like %; * 🙂 We change them with new ones and – go ahead! Ride, feel the difference and enjoy.