Rostest Gums

There are many models of toothbrushes with different forms of "working parts". But the design allows for the best brushes, above all, our security. Brush ideally should not hurt your mouth, it tips should be rounded, and it should not be electrical charge that is attracting polymer dust. Structure bristle toothbrushes are also different. Length of setae, most of brushes is about the same.

I brush the latest generation of beams of bristles of different lengths, and some models also X-shaped arrangement of setae. In size brush heads are 18 to 35 mm. It is recommended to use brushes with small heads, as manipulate them in the mouth easier. For the children must choose the size of about 18 – 25 mm, and for adults – an average of 30 mm. Of great importance is the availability of flexible tubing toothbrush heads and handles. This enables "Automatically" adjust the degree of pressure, which improves the massaging and cleansing properties. Unfortunately, in many toothbrushes do not have such a connection, and when cleaning teeth Manual'noye pressure is reduced, which in subsequently may cause injury to mucous membranes of gums and inflammation.

Nowadays the market, a host of counterfeit toothbrushes that look very similar to the original. But the results of their use can be very disastrous: Infection and gums, and the omission of the edge of the gums, bleeding gums and this, as well as thinning of the enamel of the tooth and exposure of the cervix increased tooth sensitivity. It should be clearly distinguish fake from the original toothbrush. On the example of highly publicized and well-known brush "Aquafresh Max Active" consider the differences. Once on sale this model, the market immediately filled her twins. This kind of Piracy, in contrast to audio and video piracy, a little danger to people. Personal hygiene such as toothbrushes, can not and should not be released without testing, licensing and the necessary tests. Otherwise If they pose a threat to our health. The only advantage of such brushes, made clear by whom and where – their value in the range 15 – 20 rubles. And, by and large, the advantage of it – expose their gums and teeth at risk for a pair of ducats? Therefore you should not buy a toothbrush on the market at suspiciously low prices. When buying it must carefully examine the packaging – it should be: the name of the manufacturer (in this case, "GlaxoSmithKline"); mailing address and sign Rostest. And indeed the coloring packaging often speaks of the forgery. After its opening can be seen instead of the flexible tubing head and the handle (which is the original work "SmithKline Beecham") does not performing the functions assigned to it a fake. And finally, the most dangerous difference, which, unfortunately, does not distinguish at a glance – a bristle. Natural brushes Akvafresh "have a certain number of setae standard thickness Rounded polished tips. Microtrauma gums that cause tooth brushing bristles fakes, very often the cause of gingivitis (gum disease). Therefore, we recommend prevention of dental diseases only use branded toothbrushes.