Russia Child

An important issue for foreigners in the Czech Republic is the attitude to foreign women being prepared to become a mother. We dare to assure separation for doctors in the Czech Republic of this nature does not exist and all patients are equal in their rights, and in relation to themselves to their situation and their child. The absence of pressure from physicians and lack of a pregnant woman's nervous tension positive impact on the peace mom and of course the child's development. Czech maternity hospitals in Prague and at the periphery are provided with all necessary equipment for standard delivery, and the date of situations where services are required resuscitation and surgical intervention. Individual boxes for newborns in the Czech Republic provided all Czech maternity hospitals. The ratio of medical staff in hospitals Czech commands respect and remains on excellent level. Doctors are performing their duty precisely as medical professionals.

A separate paragraph of this article, devoted to the birth of a child in the Czech Republic for all Russian-speaking citizens of the space Russia and cis countries should be devoted to delivery of the umbilical blood of mother and child in the Swiss bank blood. This question is very serious and rare foreigner thinks about this and even more so decides to pass the umbilical blood to store it in blood bank. In European countries, this question often in the media, and ordinary citizens know for what and how to solve the problem putting the umbilical blood of the mother.