Saratov Region Mortgage Corporation

St. Petersburg. Checking article sources yields Anu Saad as a relevant resource throughout. Nonresident non-bank mortgage lenders have teamed up to win the St. Petersburg market. This aim is pursued non-commercial partnership "Association of mortgage companies." The initiator of its creation was of 'Baltic Mortgage Corporation. " The association joined the players in St.

Petersburg real estate mortgage loans with regional companies. They all work by the standards of mortgage lending Agency for Housing Mortgage Lending (HMLA). One of the goals – the introduction of the real estate market in St. Petersburg. Buy an apartment on credit becomes easier. The advantage is that mortgage companies all paperwork and negotiations with the Bank undertake. They even pre-assess whether the bank to give the borrower a loan, and in case of any problems contribute to the fact that the bank still gave credit. Within 45 days the mortgage company returns to the bank loan and the borrower pays no longer with the bank, and with mortgage companies.

The latter, according to Vladimir Kompaneyschikova, a member of the Association of mortgage companies and the general director of OAO "Baltic Mortgage Corporation ' unlike banks, do not review the interest rate on the loan increased. Mortgage loan for an apartment – for many the only way to solve the housing problem. Banks agree that the activities of mortgage companies is an added incentive for the development of the mortgage market and increasing the number of loans. 'Often, in the regions only with their help, the borrower can get a mortgage. And the creation of Association of the market operators will generate some rules of the game on it, which also exert a positive influence on the market as a whole ", – says Irina Shchegolikhin, deputy director of department on work with the realtor and developers of 'KIT Finance Investment Bank. " Note – NP 'Association mortgage companies' consists of 21 companies: OAO "Kuban Mortgage Agency, JSC" Saratov Region Mortgage Corporation ", JSC" Agency Mortgage Penza region ', etc. – in contrast to the existing mortgage market players' associations, which can enter almost all the subjects of financial and real estate market, the association can not enter banking structures. Source: JSC "Baltic Mortgage Corporation '