Seminar Effective Texts

An event of the IHK Potsdam / ecomm Brandenburg in cooperation with mesh fabric and pr-ide on the site, ready, going on? Wouldn’t it be nice. Because until the appropriate text in the network lands and can affect users, it takes time. The requirements for good online texts are not modest: you should be understandable, even if the facts are complicated. They should be short, and yet meaningful and interesting. It should be read by the search engines.

And of course they should be always up to date. All this and much more means texts for the Internet. A worthwhile topic for a weekend seminar, which is rich in practical examples and exercises. Content: Friday (15: 00-18:30) Web specific basics screen design: content and function motivations for the use of Internet offers users perspective and target group reference text perception and reading behavior structure of text and text design text architecture: layers, short texts, long texts text structure: outline, headers, teaser typography and colour text features: links and navigation Imagery and visualization captions and ALT text Saturday (09.00 – 16.00) content and marketing matching style real content credible and interesting texts and texts for the search engine news and up to date texts practice exercises for writing on the Internet based on typical text requirements Walburga Wolters for further information: seminars and appointments