Simon Bolivar

Interested in travel, get to know new places, new cultures, new cities where to meet people and be able to appreciate some of the landscapes more precious? The Colombian capital may perhaps be that place that will allow you to do all that and more, is a historic town by the events that were happening with the passage of time, but in addition is a city where one can learn and meet at the same time, for example visiting their renowned museums or nature reserves with which the city has. The gold Museum, Simon Bolivar, la candelaria neighborhood park or cerro de Monserrate are some of the tourist places of Bogota that one as visitor not to be missed, since, while perhaps not as impressive things, are virtually unique throughout the world, and that is what truly makes them special. If you love culture and arts, as we have previously mentioned, the area of la candelaria will surely be one of the first places that you optaras for visiting, if diversity more than anything, in addition to that, not only can coexist in the historical and cultural heart of the region, but with the same local people, who offer all types of lodgings, from accommodation to style backpacking, until hotels 5 star, where you can live with the environment without any problem or any discomfort.. .