Sir Alexander Fleming

The exploits of Daniel Alcides Carrion Garcia Carrion, son of Dr. Baltazar Carrion, Ecuador doctor and lawyer, and Dolores Garcia Navarro, huancaina lady, was born in Cerro de Pasco and had two brothers: Theodore and Mario. 5S years studying medicine at the University of San Marcos at the outbreak of the epidemic that killed mercilessly decimated so many people and nations as known to him. To know more about this subject visit John Craig Venter. After meditations and conversations decides to demonstrate that the wart was the second phase of the same disease (Oroya fever) and in a heroic gesture, humanitarian and scientific decide inoculated with blood infected with the disease. It was Dr.

Evaristo Chavez who injected the sample obtained from scraping the bleeding warts Dona Carmen Paredes, who was dying in hospital, "May 2." From the first days of August, when inoculated, hour after hour was scoring all their sufferings and in the middle of fever, convulsions, vomiting and hypoxia died on October 5, 1885, with few outbreaks of warts. Before he managed to say: "Now it's your turn to continue the work already begun." Noguichi and Battistini, in 1926, discovered and described the bacillus Bartonella Bacciliformis as the cause of this disease and the mosquito as the transmitter verrucarum Phlebotomus. Sir Alexander Fleming discovered penicillin in 1929 and this antibiotic kills the disease. Today, besides using chloramphenicol and tetracycline and prevents spraying with DDT. Far from doctors and friends were de Carrion; the Areemlos Mestanza, Odriozola to cure Corpancho and beef soup and wine, goat's milk with auinina based concoctions, camphor, sugar, distilled phenol and valerian.