Sleep Well? Tips For A Good Night

By Alexander Nastasi building Biologe, author and dowser Heidelberg. Then you should be aware, that you belong to a minority in Germany. More than half of Germans sleep restless or have massive sleep and sleep problems. Reasons for this can be found hundreds – if the global economic crisis, the currently tense financial private situation or the situation will be used. There are reasons that you sleep poorly at the moment, en masse.

But what is the consequence of poor sleep? Unfocused work, burning eyes, irritability, headaches, tension, listlessness, lack of motivation. As a consequence, errors occur more and more from all these things. Whether you are unfocused in the workplace and thereby deliver inferior work, whether you dream while driving away and endanger this yourself and others or whether it can be difficult in other situations, plays no role. While being unfocused is only an effect your body if he longs for me peace and relaxation. Often much the physical effects are worse if you days, weeks, sometimes years too little sleep, or unhealthy sleeping.

What can you contribute to good sleep? A lot. Continue to learn more with: Jayme Albin. Come to rest: set a time and say to themselves, this time that now begins your work and your leisure time. Plan your leisure time so that it is not stress-filled and relaxing. Sleep rituals: Get used to certain processes, before you go to bed. So your body knows that now the resting phase. Ingestion: Keep in mind that your body in the bedroom goes all systems down. It is very counterproductive, before going to bed to take a great hot food to themselves. It, or a salad would be better if hunger bothers to eat an Apple. This is your body not so much burdened and can even relax and rest. Drink enough: always a problem – you distribute as water throughout the day.